high-energy gypsy math-rock americana. high level of musicianship. engaging rhythmic and compositional structures. soaring melodies with beautiful heartfelt lyrics.


Using a D.I.Y. work ethic and low-fi recording aesthetic, combined with a progressive sense of melody, rhythm, and time reminiscent of Eastern European brass and gypsy bands, with layers of Americana throughout, oso is creating rock music that's moving forward. Described by a London Pub promoter as a "Gypsy Circus Explosion", oso performances connect with people due to the sheer energy and emotion of the experience, reaching music lovers from any scene. As often as oso plays 'plugged-in' electric shows in music venues, they perform on the street, setting up with acoustic instruments whenever and wherever - Phil on a unicycle, Tim at a child-sized drum set, Nick and Andrew sharing a battery powered amp - always able to deliver exciting music, flexible to any sonic situation. Employing these guerrilla tactics, oso has played their music in cities across the United States and Europe, even performing - with Phil atop his unicycle - on a moving bus in South London.

As a group, oso has been performing in California since 2004, and throughout the US since 2005. During the summers of 2007 and 2008, oso stayed in the UK for extended visits. In London, oso was a fixture at the South Bank during the day, while, at night, playing venues such as Shunt and the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club. In Edinburgh and Glasgow, the approach was no different - days on High Street to nights playing music clubs in ancient basements. Mid-August 2008, oso was performing in Berlin: cafes, pubs, on the streets, regularly hassled by the Polizei while playing to appreciative crowds. As summer 2008 deepened, Phil and Tim press into Europe, though Prague, Belgrade, Skopje, Sofia, ending in Istanbul during Ramadan, stopping street performances as the calls to prayer echoed throughout the city.

Currently writing for their fourth album, oso is planning to return to the UK and Europe this spring and summer.


48507 - 2004

Lonesome Tunnel Hum These Strong Arm Drones - 2006

Kuno Esama - 2008

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Set List

set lists run usually between 45-90 minutes. We like to play long sets without a break. The only covers we currently play are gypsy jazz and eastern european/balkan songs.