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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Father of Woodstock on The Band V"

"The Band V is one of the greatest talents I have ever witnessed"
- Artie Kornfeld (Creator of the legendary Woodstock 69 and has been responsible for such acts as Bob Seger, Sheryl Crow, Journey, Sarah McLachlan, Jack Johnson & Tracy Chapman) - Artie Kornfeld

"Legendary Engineer Shelly Yakus on The Band V"

On The Band V's song "Breakdown"..."Now this is what I would call a kick ass rock song"..Shelly Yakus (John Lennon, U2, Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty) - Shelly Yakus

"Planet Music on The Band V"

Intense, dynamic, and just plain great, these 5 musicians will rock your soul with their songs of epic proportion, transcending the deepest feeling. These boys aren't just playing rock. They are rock. - Michelle Reyes

"Rave Reviews of The Band V Performing Live"

It was raining and bitter cold—the perfect Friday night to stay inside. Yet, I found myself at the Trocadero for an all-ages event headlined by New Jersey band, the Medium.

Doors opened around 6:30. As I made my way toward the main stage, I noticed that the place was somewhat empty, which is (sadly) the normal routine for the opening acts. I was informed by the Medium that there had been another act thrown in at the last minute. It must have been the first act; their name escapes me, but then again, there was nothing memorable about the performance that made me want to remember their name. All I do recall is a lack of total stage performance.

Three Legged Fox followed suit. As I sat on the steps, shivering and wishing for warmth, I noticed the large number of fans that seemed to have swarmed the stage. As I listened to their music, I took note of the funk sound and the number of their fans swaying to the music. As the set lagged on, I fought not drift off to sleep.

Next up was Stone Thrown, a local pop act. Again, nothing was entirely memorable about the band or its performance. The vocals weren’t too bad, but the whole thing was mediocre and dry.

Following was a band called V. After the opening notes of the first song, my ears perked. After all, up until this point, I was trying not to pass out on the floor of the Troc. The band’s music was an amazing blend of alternative-acoustic rock. The lead singer’s voice was eerily captivating. During V’s six-song set, the members decided to play a cover of Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars,” something they said that they don’t do very often. The cover was one of the best—the music was completely on target and the stage presence was there. Finally, a band that wasn’t putting me to sleep.

After V’s set (I was a bit reluctant for them to get off-stage), a group called Downtown Harvest took the stage. A local quartet, their music is a blend of alternative rock with a little funk tangled in. The sound wasn’t bad, nor was their stage show.

- Campus Philly

"Breaking Benjamin, My Chemical Romance & Paramore Engineer on The Band V"

"If a monster band like Led Zeppelin were to emerge today as a new group with a new sound, this would be it!" - Wayne C Davis


Revolution Street - 2008

Several tracks are now being played on internet radio as well as FM and radio play internationally.



So here they are...5 musicians that have come together to express themselves musically, lyrically and uniquely.

In the pursuit of a name that perfectly represents who they are and what they believe in, a simple symbol was decided on....V

V is the collective effort of singer / songwriter Vin Colella, guitarist Dan Lerro, keyboardist Bob Stanfield, bassist Steve Janks and percussionist Alan Hoke.

Haunting and pop hook melody driven songs, explosive live performances and a no frills attitude are just a few of the reasons that V is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the music world.

After just a short time as a tight and complete unit, V has not only been gaining serious ground in the music world but is now beginning to be offered multiple movie soundtracks.

Now, V has been taken under the wings of production and engineering legends; Wayne C Davis (Breaking Benjamin's "We're Not Alone" and Ill Nino), Shelly Yakus (John Lennon, U2, Tom Petty, Don Henley, Stevie Nicks, The Ramones and many others) and Artie Kornfeld (creator of the original Woodstock, former VP of 3 major labels with over 100 platinum projects to his credit and responsible for such acts as Sheryl Crow, Jack Johnson, Sarah McLachlan, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd and countless other artists ) to begin recording their debut singles.

Keep an eye out for V as they continue to explode throughout the music world and the rest of the (not so) free world.