Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


After massive touring, sharing stages with notable bands and performing at several national festivals in their former band The Juliana Theory, Josh Fiedler, Chad Monticue, and Josh Kosker would eventually disband, so that the band members could devote time to families, college and the everyday work force. Vesta officially started to take form out of the ashes of The Juliana Theory back in 2006. Josh Fiedler started the project as a solo outlet to release songs he had been writing and was searching for a four piece to write and complete the sound and perform live. In the fall of 2008 Josh Fiedler, Chad Monticue, and Josh Kosker were plugged into the equation and began working on music with Josh’s longtime friend Justin Niedzwecki. Although their future is uncertain, the quartet is anxious to jump into the ring on their own terms. There are no record labels involved and no touring schedules to fulfill, just four friends writing and playing music they enjoy. Vesta has been preparing for the release of their first LP titled "0.1 Daylight's Coming" set for an Independent Digital release December 21st. As singer, guitarist Josh Kosker exclaims in the lyrics of Let’s Dance Alone. “Let’s runaway and take some time, we’ll come to someone’s senses”…“My excuse is an alibi with reasons wrapped in questions.” That kind of organized confusion sums up the bands persona, drive and longing to pursue something more than just the drone of everyday life. Music, for music’s sake, hoping others will listen, sing along and jump in for the ride wherever it might take them.


0.1 Daylight's Coming - LP