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The Bang


Enjoy the finest indie pop rock that Africa has to offer!


The Bang's debut album, Shiny, has just been released into shops around South Africa through Chameleon Records. It is currently available to purchase online at with more international stores to follow shortly. The South African press has labeled the album "goosebump inducing" (Wicked Rock), "an instant classic" (Verge) and "an outstanding achievement" (SL) while the band has been called "the next big thing" (The Citizen) and "the best South African band since the Springbok Nude Girls" (Verge). The Bang has been praised by the likes of Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, R.E.M.) with whom the band performed in 2005, Richard Butler (The Psychedelic Furs) and Mike Scott (The Waterboys). The band will soon be doing a video for their first single 'Shiny' with award-winning director Daniel Levi, who has previously worked with Interpol, Massive Attack and The Prodigy, amongst others.



Written By: Joshua Gregg

Shiny, how do you do?
I've been looking for you
Tiger creeping along in the twilight

Someone's spinning around
On the midnight merry-go-round
Footsteps following me in the black night

I'm so tired of the games we play
And the stupid, scary things you say
And if I try to run away
Well I know you're only one foot away
And there you hide in the back of my head
In the doors and walls and under my bed
I think I'll stay inside instead
'Cause I'm blinded by your eyes, Shiny

Shiny, how do you do?
Something's eating at you
Voices whispering secrets in my mind

Oh help me! Where do I hide?
Sing me a sweet lullaby
Firefly keeping me warm from the frostbite


Close your eyes and count to three
Or polish up your ABC
We're here to solve this mystery

Shiny, how do you do?
Without further ado
Howling, running along in the moonlight
In the moonlight


Talk to the Trees

Written By: Joshua Gregg

Taking a walk down to the forest
Taking a leap into the air
Looking for pieces of a puzzle
Looking for something that's not there

I've got a friend who laughs at me
He's up and around and underneath
Listen to talking through a muzzle
Listen to talking to the trees

Oh talk to the trees
Oh talk to the fleas

Taking a stroll down to the river
Taking a step up through the air
Walking the walk down waterfalls
Walking the walk without a care

Oh talk to the trees
Oh talk to the fleas
Oh the birds and bees
Oh the daisy seeds

Wandering 'round deep in the forest
Wondering 'bout the soil beneath
Trampling above the earthworm's home
Listen to earthworm's sigh of relief

Oh talk to the trees
Oh talk to the fleas
Oh the birds and bees
Oh the daisy seeds

Spring Song

Written By: Joshua Gregg

Stayed home from school today
All the kids come out to play
Spring sounds and sprinklers' spray
"Stay away," she'll say

Let's see what I can see
Kids climb the apple tree
"Great opportunity awaits," they say

My shadow friend and me
Play games of hide and seek
He turned a trick on me
Ready or not on three...

...feet high, teary-eyed
Kids throwing stones outside
She'll say "It serves them right
And you know I'd never lie to you at all"

Come one, come all to see
Big brother's poetry
"Great opportunity awaits," he'll say

My shiny friend and me
Play oh so quietly
"Forever here you'll be
Forever here with me"


Shiny - Chameleon, 2006

Set List

One hour set consisting of original numbers from debut LP 'Shiny' as well as selected tracks by The Replacements, R.E.M., The Lemonheads and The Pogues.