The Bangkok Five

The Bangkok Five

 Los Angeles, California, USA

The Bangkok Five’s unquenchable desire to win tells us all to get the hell outta the way. This band is gonna kick down the doors and shove their music right up your hard drive.


"One more band you should know about" – Revolver

"No Apologies, just attitude" - Pulse

"Pop Trash, slinky and sexy" -

"The LA buzz band" - LA Times

"One of the best new bands" - Hit Parader

"Four stars" - Kerrang

"Sure to be a hit among the eyelined hipsters" – Blender

LA Rock Band The Bangkok Five Release “Under The Covers”,
An Eclectic Mix Of Cover Songs Featuring The Band's Own Distinctive
Indie Rock Sound

LOS ANGELES, October 12th, 2010 – The Bangkok Five’s new release,
"Under The Covers," is filled with an eclectic mix of cover songs,
ranging from tunes by The Shins and The Clash, to MGMT and Billy Idol.
The covers are done in a style that maintains The Bangkok Five’s
tight, Indie rock sound, yet each cut is a unique and experimental
take on the original. The first single, “Never Can Say Goodbye,” was
released on June 25th, 2010, to coincide with the anniversary of
Michael Jackson's death.

The second single, “Saved,” the only non-cover song on the album, was
released on August 24th, 2010. “Saved,” was created from the band’s
love for the TV show, LOST. In Season 2, Episode 36, LOST features
the character, Charlie, playing a song on piano to his brother, Liam.
In the episode, only 30 seconds of the song are played. The band went
on a quest to discover the entire song, and when they found it didn't
exist, took it upon themselves to write the rest of the song and
record it. It is a beautiful tribute to Charlie Pace, and to the

"Under The Covers," was recorded a track a day, for the most part
live, with different friends and producers. The band kept to one
credo: No rules, no barriers, no walls. The record's producers
include Bangkok Five singer Nik Frost, Shaun Lopez, guitarist and
producer of the influential band Far (Poker Face), Supreme Beings of
Leisure’s own Rick Torres, Grant Conway, Chris Johnson and others.

"One of the great things about making this record was the sheer joy of
digging into the material, then completely letting go of our very
“live” sound, to do crazy things that we normally wouldn't do," says
guitarist Bobby Springston. "We used vintage synths and electronic
drums to create sounds that were experimental for The Bangkok Five,
yet captured the essence of the original songs," says lead singer
Frost. He adds, “This record is definitely an expansion of our sound.”

The Bangkok Five's DIY ethic and incredible live show developed as a
direct result of being a Rock N’ Roll band that played the hardcore
circuit from 2005 – 2006. Their focus and commitment eventually lead
to tours and opening slots for the likes of Peaches, Hot Hot Heat, The
Cult, The Stooges, The Bronx, Buckcherry, (International) Noise
Conspiracy, and Papa Roach to name a few. Their hot live performance
and great songs found the band signed to Universal Records in 2006.
National tours turned into world tours, critical acclaim, and #1
positions at several tastemaker Indie rock radio stations across the

As with many bands of late, the band's love affair with the major
label eventually went south; “We did in-store performances in the same
towns where we were at #1. Trouble was, we were not able to find a
copy of our record in the very stores we played!” Continues Frost,
“Eventually, all we wanted was to get off of our "dream" label."

The band may have lost faith the music industry that they had grown up
worshipping, yet they never lost faith in their music. In late 2008,
The Bangkok Five left the road, got focused, and started their own
music company, Indiemedia Inc. Since then, they have created
successful alliances with some of the largest entertainment companies
in the world, and licensed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of
music, much of which Universal had never bothered to develop. Last
year alone, the band had 27 national placements, including a highly
lucrative deal that licensed the title track of “Who’s Gonna Take Us
Alive?,” their Universal Records debut, to a national Ford campaign.

Great music and fresh energy, coupled with ideas aimed to solve
problems faced by every artist today - The Bangkok Five’s unquenchable
desire to win tells us all to get the hell outta the way. This band is
gonna kick down the doors and shove their music right up your hard

Under The Covers releases on October 12th, 2010, on the band's own
label, Indiemedia, Inc.


Who's Gonna Take Us Alive? (2006)
We Love What Kills Us (2008)
Under The Covers (2010)