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The Banisters

Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Austin, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




If this summer, you want to find something new, something unique and something absolutely mind-blowing then I have the track for you.

Blues, psychedelia and a little bit of punk found themselves in the melting pot when they met the five boys that make up The Banisters. Formed right here in Austin, they have released an EP each year since their conception in 2016 – and 2018 will be no different.

Until that release though, expected in the fall of this year, they’ve graced up with the track ‘Mississippi Queen’ – to keep us going through the summer months, I assume. An almost grungy tune, it juxtaposes the absolute avalanche of summer pop songs that we come to expect this time of year – setting the boys apart.

A relatively slow burner, the track bleeds anticipation with the deep, dark humming of the guitar easing us in for the bluesy vocals that hit. Not something to eat an ice cream to, this song is not seasonal – it’s here to stay, and it’s here to steer you towards their first full-length album once released.

In the meantime, though, check out their Spotify – they’re a force to be reckoned with. - Track Rambler

"The Banisters ​Piñon Vista"

If I had a lick of musical talent I think I’d just go at making music with a “guns a blazing” attitude to writing songs. I mean if you like it fuck you, and if you don’t fuck you too. You know, just to keep it plain and simple. Let everyone know where I stand. This seems to be the approach of Austin Texas blues punkers The Banisters, and I like that approach. On their latest record, Piñon Vista The Bannisters explode out of the gate ready to rectify some rock n’ roll tunes, like there weren’t nothing holding ‘em back, like there weren’t no tomorrow. They just go after it, no stupid delayed build up to a mediocre hook, just plain old good ole fashioned rock n’ roll.

​The opening tune “Weary Pilgrim” blends bluesy guitar riffs with whammies and wails, and the vocals are laid back but not lazy. Then there are bits of twang (they are from Texas anyhow) that interweaves throughout the song giving it the substance and dimension that every good rock tune requires. Next we get the same formula but sped up to a punkier beat. The song is “Don’t Text Me about Drugs.” It reminded me of the early years of Bad Religion and other such politically-minded punk upstarts whose songs can sometimes blend in a bit of wry humor along serious lines.

Things take a more mellow and indie-rock driven turn on rather radio-friendly “Heat Lightning” which gets a little warped in a good way as it morphs from this radio-friendliness to a more balls out rocker along the lines of Neil Young when he gets really pissed off. The diversity ensues as singer/songwriter Nicole Hutchins adds her powerful vocals, reminiscent of Patti Smith’s beautiful growl, to the progressive and groovy rocker “Toxic.” Hutchins closes out Piñon Vista, with the soulful and serious grooves of “Superstar.”

The Banisters dynamic of letting their musical tastes help to write the songs individually and play them collectively could have easily blown up in their faces. I have heard it happen thousands of times. The fact that it didn’t happen to them is because they see the bigger picture and they know that a diverse batch of songs that sound like they were written cohesively can only come together if everyone plays their part, which is exactly what each of the Banisters do best. - Divide and Conquer Music


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Banisters are a super decent rock band from Austin, Texas. Friends and work colleagues have described them as "actually pretty good" and "better than I expected" while promising that despite the recent string of obligatory grandparent birthday celebrations, they'd definitely come to the next show. The songwriting core started in the summer of 2015 as a mix of co-workers and mutual acquaintances. Blending punk, blues, and psych-rock influences, the fledgling band soon found themselves where most bands unfortunately find themselves- on Craigslist, seeking drums and bass. Netting lukewarm and confusing results on Tinder, the band found solace in the words of Nicholas Sparks, "Love is like the wind, you can't see it, but you can feel it." In the winter of 2016, The Banisters felt it. They successfully filled out their rhythm section and began playing shows all around Austin. They’ve since been invited to play with bands in Houston, San Antonio, San Marcos, and the DFW area. Their energetic performances and irresistible rock jams have brought them to various festivals including SXSW and Deep Ellum Arts Fest. The band has been featured on KUTX's Song of the Day and was recently awarded The Deli Magazine’s Austin Emerging Artist of the Month.

The band has released an EP each year of its brief existence, The Banisters in 2016 and Piñon Vista in 2017. Their newest single, "Mississippi Queen," is a hard-hitting, fuzzy, riff-driven track that shows off the band's evolving style. It’s a delicious taste of their first full-length album, set to release in the fall of 2018. While working in the studio, the five-piece has been honing in on a live sound that you don’t want to miss. Their combination of dynamics, stage presence, and catchy tunes make The Banisters something you'll want to hold on to.

"A relatively slow burner, the track bleeds anticipation with the deep, dark humming of the guitar easing us in for the bluesy vocals that hit. Not something to eat an ice cream to, this song is not seasonal – it’s here to stay, and it’s here to steer you towards their first full-length album once released."
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