the banjo consorsium

the banjo consorsium

 Sherbrooke, Quebec, CAN

the members of Banjo Consorsium bring a uniquely distinctive sound.They create music that is pure, ethereal yet thoroughly grounded.A self-taught multi instrumentalist, Lemieux-Leblanc describes the band’s style as neo-folk or folktronic. “A refreshing discovery” according to Voir Estrie


The musical project The Banjo Consorsium (with an “s”, not a “t”) debuted in Sherbrooke, in the Eastern Townships during the winter of 2005. In the beginning, the Banjo Consorsium sound, known as folktronic or neofolk, was created by multi-instrumentalist Jacques-Philippe Lemieux-Leblanc (…). This artist plays a variety of instruments (guitar, banjo, lap steel, bass, mandolin, accordion, violin, violoncello, flute, piano, percussions, xylophone, etc.) before recording and producing his musical pieces in his home-based studio. The Banjo Consorsium began as a solo project with an ambient and introspective vibe. The recorded pieces evoke comfort, hope and open spaces.
By using the Internet as its main delivery vehicle, the band received a certain amount of international recognition following Le début, their first recording in December 2005; the Banjo Consorsium’s participation in a Japanese compilation (Schole) and two German compilations (Aerotone and Mixotic) illustrate this well. As for the band’s career in Quebec, The Banjo Consorsium has signed with the independent Sherbrooke-based record label 9.12 records, who also represents bands from across Canada (Channel In Channel Out, Marie-Christine Légaré, Kitsuka and Möjii), the United States (The IF, Sidecar, Familiar Trees and Plainfingers) and England (Temjiin).
When the time came to play live, Jacques-Philippe Lemieux-Leblanc called on Sherbrooke musicians from different backgrounds to adapt his music to live performance: Gabriel Lemieux-Maillé (Jaune, Galarno), Marco Gosselin (Jake and the Leprechauns), Mike Sterling (solo career) and Charles-Antoine Gosselin (Jake and the Leprechauns, Philibert Bélanger). The experience of playing The Banjo Consorsium music in a live setting brought a new dimension to the group. Their approach is different—the sound is more acoustic, organic and festive.


2005-Le Debut
2007-A Turning One
2009 - A remixed One

CD Compilation:

- Schole ( Japan) 2007
- Aerotone ( German ) 2008
- Mixotic (German ) 2008

In Studio in September 2010 for the new album

Set List

1.intro position sugar melted
5.unknown about you
7.tuesday cracker
8.the letter m
9.une soirée kebekoise
10.burning feet
11.a turning one
13.the shower song