The Banner Year

The Banner Year


An aggressive and memorably melodic punk-influenced pop-rock band from Austin, TX, that melds the passion and energy of post-punkers Thursday with the hooks and harmonies of Third Eye Blind. It's cooler than that sounds, I swear.


The Banner Year formed in 2003 and settled into it's current lineup in 2005. The band went from hobbyists to professionals with the release of 2007's “...And Straight On 'Till Breakfast,” playing 150+ shows across two years and several independent national tours, selling approximately 1000 copies out of the van. With most of the follow-up written in between tours, The Banner Year settled back into life in Austin, TX in the fall of 2009 to flesh out a few last songs and record “What You Won't Get,” the culmination of almost seven years of struggling to perfect their song craft. Replete with the boisterous energy of their stage show, “WYWG” showcases The Banner Year at their vibrantly aggressive best and introduces fans to a lusher, more complex sound-scape at the same time. 2010 will be a defining year for TBY as they new fans, new business partners, and new avenues to a long and prosperous music career.


"What You Won't Get" full length CD
(April 2010)
"...And Straight On 'Till Breakfast" full length CD
(Nov 2008)
"thebanneryear" S/T full length CD
(Oct 2004)

Set List

We cull our original set list from our three full-length albums and half-dozen b-sides, but if the circumstance warrants it we also specialize in turned-up covers of 90's alternative staples from acts such as the Gin Blossoms, Semisonic, Harvey Danger and Third Eye Blind. If necessary we could easily play for two-three hours.