The Barclay Martin Ensemble

The Barclay Martin Ensemble


An eclectic blend of folk, world, pop and jazz, the Barclay Martin Ensemble is known for their high-energy performances and fine musicianship. Diverse in its writing style, the ensemble celebrates the depth and soul of acoustic-based music.


The strength of this ensemble is in its musical diversity. Between them, the group brings extensive experience in genres such as jazz, singer/songwriter folk, classical, latin, rock and pop. The ensemble is a blend of extensive formal training and a raw, self-taught artistic sensibility.

Our Story:
Assembled in Kansas City, The Barclay Martin Ensemble is the confluence of professional musicians from various corners of the city's rich musical tradition. All members have been leaders of successful Midwest-based groups and have joined together to create a new project.

Influences are as broad as its sound, and include:
Igor Stravinsky
Paul Simon
Herbie Hancock
Astor Piazzolla
Bobby Watson
The Beatles
Billie Holliday
Bob Marley
Terry Bozzio
Patty Griffin


'Promise on a String' LP -- 2004
'The Age of Information' EP -- 2006

Tracks which have had radio airplay:
"Trickle Down" -- from 'The Age of Information'
"Mercy My" -- from 'Promise on a String'

--several others have been broadcast through streaming and podcasts

Set List

Sets range in length from 45-65 minutes of original material. Typically two sets is standard.

Song List:

Are You Listening?
Trickle Down
The Devil Can't Kill Me
Mercy My
Singin' in the Moonlight
The River
Ain't it a Shame?
Fix Me Up
The Age of Information
Close the Door
Pretty Green Eyes
Speed of the World
Come Back (Jorge to Sofia)
Brother's Keeper
All the Same
Sitting By Myself
A Bit More of Your Time


Covers are rare, but occasionally we'll play an esoteric cover such as 'Chan Chan' by Compay Segundo, of Buena Vista Social Club fame.