The Bar Code

The Bar Code


The Bar Code plays honest rock music with soul. The three-piece outfit's eclectic influences subtly nuance its powerful sound. The sound itself is bigger than would normally be expected from a trio, without noise. The band's melodic songs are lyrically substantial and feature rich harmonies.


Madison, Wisconsin rock trio The Bar Code plays honest rock music with soul, steeped in blues and roots music. The members share influences from bands like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, and each has many varied influences of his own.

Brian and Michael have been playing music together for 9 years, and the group has been in existence since 2006.

The band's performances both live and in the studio speak for themselves. See more at their MySpace page, under the screen name thebarcode301


The Bedroom Slide

Written By: Brian Liston, ASCAP

Everytime you turn the corner
It breaks my heart. breaks my heart
I know it’s late, or so you said
but stayin’s just a start

Hey now, wait a minute
don’t leave without my side

Now who’s kidding who
You know you gotta go through with it, Hmmm
This time we got it right, cause other times I’m blind
But now I see it all, I gotta get you... to do the bedroom slide

It takes some time to come out in winter
The long lines and blinking lights
We got a fire to keep us warm now
If you think about it ya know I’m so right, so right yeah.

Now It’s gettin’ Good
Just like we hoped it would
this time we got it right, cause other times I’m blind
But now I see it all, I gotta get the bedroom slide

It kills me to think you might be leaving
you’ve walked out on me so many times before, (so many times...)
And when I see you in the morning
I’ll know you had a real good time

Now It’s gettin’ Good
cause I can see you smiling sweetly
this time we got it right, cause other times I’m blind
But now I see it all, I’m gonna get you....


Written By: Ryan Gronli

Call me high
Call me drunk
Call me a two-pump fucking chump
God damn, just call
And if it's that
If it's this
Ring me pissed off yelling it never was at all

No courage, no courtesy
No simple “we’re through”
Guess what

You, some 'splainin' to do

Before you lie down
To share that bed
You really ought to change the sheets you know
How will you sleep
Werewolff in Sneath's clothes?

Of all the twisted ways to say we're through...oh hell no
You, some 'splainin' to do

Before the drama, the drinks
And all my methods not to think
Of all the bedroom scenes and terror dreams
Relentlessly following and folding me
You could have told me

Before the vows, the ring
Before the very song I sing
Became a desperate and pathetic plea
For the return of the heart and time you stole from me
You should have told me

So call me high at midnight
Or smashed out your mind at noon
Anyhow, any hour
You better work up the courage soon

‘Cause this skin is crawling and I have no clue just what I might...

Do, some 'splainin' to do

Let It Go

Written By: Ryan Gronli

Did you think
That you could
Electrify me
And then slide right through my hands?

And did you think
That you could
Walk on by?
Well I’ve got other plans

Because your face, your moves, and your…ooh!
They give me butterflies

Look at you
Look at me
Now honey can you tell me
That you don’t think I can take you there?

Give me a one night test drive
Now honey have you ever truly set your soul free?
Did you ever regret not taking a dare?
Oh yeah

Baby where you going?
Come on with me
And let it go
How do you like it?
Won’t you come with me
And let it go?

Take a look at some of
The work you’ve done
And think of the waves and waves
Of thanks I can give you in return
Forget the hang-ups and letdowns
You had before
I want you to come with me
Don’t think,
Just let it go

Did you think
That you could
Electrify me
And then slide right through my hands?

And did you think
That you could
Walk on by?
Well I’ve got other plans, yes I do

How you like it baby won’t you come on with me
And let it go?
Anyway you want it honey let’s love until we
Lose control
Hey, won’t you come with me
And let it go?

Watching You Leave

Written By: Ryan Gronli

Watching you leave
Tears streaming from your eyes
Could very well be
The hardest thing I do in my life
It’s a shame it had to come
Down to this here, now, goodbye
But watching you leave, though barely,
Beats feeling me dying.

Because I’ve held my breath too long
Thinking that you might undo the wrong you’ve done
And prove your claims true
You know I’ve been here by your side
Begging, bleeding, not breathing
Can’t you see you’re strangling me blue?
Well it’s clear now that you’ve meant more to me
Than I’ve meant to you

I tried so hard to believe
Through deception and outright lies
You built up my hopes, and shot them down to grief
Lord knows I tried
And that this empty ache, this burning pain
Slowly will subside
I pray that from the ashes
Will appear someone in whom I can confide

Once more, our lips meet
Not to part without hesitance
I brush your hair back from your sweet face
On this last moment of our acquaintance
As you turn away
And I fall right out of my senses
That which is to be
Is eclipsed by what could have been
But never again

Watching you leave
Through the tears in my own eyes
I swear this has got to be
The hardest thing I do in my whole life
Such a shame it had to go down like this
Touch the candle to the bridge; it’s not that I won’t miss you, but goodbye
‘Cause watching you leave, oh baby – I wring my hands and curse the sky
Watching you leave, though barely, beats feeling me die


Radio airplay: "The Bedroom Slide", original song; "Watching You Leave," original song from Madison Made Music Project compilation CD; "A Day In The Life" Beatles cover.
Full length recording in progress.
"Watching You Leave" selected as 1 of 15 tracks out of 151 song submissions for compilation CD.
"The Bedroom Slide" received radio airplay beginning Dec. 2008.

Set List

The Bar code plays all-original sets, as well as cover or mixed sets lasting over four hours.

Original Set List:
Beetle Bug
Bedroom Slide
Blood on Ice
Forfeiture Grind
Holding Pattern
Keep Walking
Let it go
Moon Shot
Tone Master
Watching you Leave
Blood on Ice
Let It Go
The Bedroom Slide
Forfeiture Grind
Love and Death
Moonlight Deja Vu
Ticket to Hell

AC/DC Back in Black
AC/DC Big Balls
AC/DC Dirty Deeds
AC/DC Have a Drink on me
AC/DC Highway to Hell
AC/DC It’s a long Way to the Top
AC/DC Jailbreak
AC/DC Let Me Put My Love Into You
AC/DC Little Lover
AC/DC Sin City
AC/DC You Shook Me All Night Long
Bad Company Can't Get Enough of Your Love
Beck Deborah
Billy Joel My Life
Billy Joel You may be right
Black Crowes Jealous Again
Black Sabbath WarPigs
Blondie One way or another
Blue Oyster Cult Godzilla
Chaka Khan Tell me Something Good
Curtis Mayfield Pusher Man