Bargain Basement Band

Bargain Basement Band


Original music, Parodies and Topical Tunes, Tasteful Covers


We are unique on many levels. For a two person band, our sound and style are complimented by our entertaining stage presence.
We've been influenced by everyone from Wayland Jennings to Janis Joplin, with a little CSN&Y and Stray Cats thrown in for good measure.
We met at a computer class in 1992 and have been together ever since, both musically and as a couple.
Our goal is to get management, gigs and recording.
We have an extensive catalog of material, ranging from topical tunes like "Mad Cow" to love songs like "Dusty Old Bar Stool" and rockers like "Rock On."
Our catalog also includes songs like "Smoke A Joint Right Now And Change The World," and "Please Take Your Hands Off My Plants, Sir." These songs are about the medical cannabis movement and are poinient and fun at the same time.

Set List

Opening - our version of the Blues Brothers "Everybody Needs Somebody" gets folks n the mood. Usually followed by "Rock On" (one of our originals), "Why Haven't I Heard From You?" (a song sung by Reba Mc Intyre), "Smoke A Joint Right Now And Change The World," (another original with obvious message), "Cannabis Green" (another original), "Passionate Kisses"(a Lucinda Williams tune), "One Of Those Nights" (an original),
"Dusty Old Bar Stool," (original) "Bing Bang Boom" (cover tune), "Bobbie Mc Gee" (Kris Kristopherson), ("When There' s No Light," (an original),"Please Take Your Hands Off My Plants, Sir"(original), "The Doctor Song," (Original) , "Heatwave" (Rock Standard)
Number of songs depends on how long the gig.
We have enough material for about 2 hours total.
The above list is worth about 45 minutes