The Barley Boys

The Barley Boys


The Barley Boys have taken their live performances from the local pub scene to the festival stages across the nation. We are a story-telling band. Compelling, dramatic and engaging sagas of the sea, family, life and love (or lack thereof)!


We have played live on QVC three times, selling out our CD’s for their Irish shows. In 2008 and 2009, we headlined Hunter Mountain, Spyglass Ridge, the Celtic Classic, and The Long Island Irish Festival. We are contracted to headline the Classic in 2010 which is the largest Irish Festival in North America drawing crowds of over 200,000 in three days.

Michael Babick, singer, guitarist, and songwriter has been a professional musician for over
twenty-five years. His inspiration for Celtic music comes from researching his lineage; recent trips to Ireland have reinforced his sense of heritage.

New band members with exceptional talent have given Michael the satisfaction of hearing the music the way he always dreamed. Fiddle virtuoso Arty Artymiw (who has played with The Moody Blues, ELO, Robert Plant/Jimmy Page, Smokey Robinson and many additional international artists) joins our talented rhythm section to make this a seriously-fun-full-time venture.

In 2008 the band played thirteen weeks for an interactive comedy dinner theatre show (Finnegan's Wake) that was written around Michael Babick’s original songs and performed at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City.



Written By: Michael Babick

Her eyes are pretty, as pretty can be
Her smile drove many a man crazy
One night I dreamed she was a walkin’ with me
How I wish I was with Maggie.

She’ll out drink ya boys, out think ya boys!
She’s quite the bonnie lassie
She’ll love you to death, you’ll be out of breath
Oh, how I wish I was with Maggie.

I’ve been through the bushes and looked through the corn
Been searchin’ for years and my heart is forlorn
She’s my only port in the storm
How I wish I was with Maggie.

Well, can she dance? I’ll tell ya boys
Her moves are fast and fancy
Don’t follow her steps, you’ll be out of breath
How I wish I was with Maggie.


Drunk Again

Written By: Michael Babick

Well I’m drunk again
And I can see the end
And I can’t pretend
I love you anymore
I’d rather be lost at sea
Or blind for eternity
Got rid of you finally
And threw my anchor ashore

Well it was four AM
Caught her with my best friend
Won’t take her back again
Why go back for more
I fell in love with you
And I used to kiss you
Now I want to kill you
And throw your ass out the door


Now you act so kind and sweet
To everyone that you meet
Your wrapper so nice and neat
But on the inside there’s pain
Well ya hit me with all your might
Begging me for a fight
You said you blacked out that night
Another love that’s in vain


The Silver King

Written By: Michael Babick

Cast away the ropes me boys
It’s time again to skirt the bay
We take a breath of fresh sea air
Up ‘round Yarmouth Way

The nets are ready at the stern
The ocean deep and wide
Twist of fate has no concern
With two boats that collide

To the boys that never made it home that day
One Robert Bruce McDowell left to say
Inquiry of the heart and what it brings
In the belly of the Silver King

Seven men set sail that day
Six names cast in stone
Six men lost their lives that day
And only one came home

So cast away your souls me boys
It’s time to leave the bay
Take a breath of heavens air
Up ‘round Yarmouth Way


Life Divine

Written By: Michael Babick

How can you say there is no God,
When you’re floating out on the sea?
And a flock flies overhead
That’s classical music to me.

And my days have almost passed
Didn’t seem like a very long time.
Oh, I’d die for one more cast
Thank God he can go fishing in his mind.

And then a whisper from the blue
Softly said “soon is your time”
And as she swam into the bloom
Away came the chains that bind.


Body is failing, but my soul is sailing…Free, free, so free.
All the love I tried to find was at the end of the line…Heaven, heaven, heaven.

Now I am what I love so,
Silver scales and golden fins are me.
And as we’re cast into the fold
We unveil life’s mystery.

Now my days don’t move so fast
I do declare the swimmin’ here is fine.
I dare not fare the past,
‘Cause on the other side its life divine!


It’s a Long Drive From Ireland!
Released 2000

The Days of Abundance
Released 2005

No More Shenanigans!
Released 2007

Wake Me When It's Over!
Released 2008

Set List

We play 45 minute to 75 minute sets depending on what is desired by the venues we play. Our sets can be strictly originals, all Celtic, rock covers or a mix of all of the above depending on what the crowd wants and the venue requests.