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The best kept secret in music


"The Barricades 28th of April"

Review from saturday the 28th of april
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The Barricades are Brian (Bash) Ashe, Chris (Git) Sweeney, Aidan (Aido) Murphy and Mark (Sparky) Maguire.

Ladies and Gentlemen, those of you who have been waiting for the next revelation in Irish music history… I present the barricades!! These four young and profoundly talented young men effortlessly exuded charisma on Saturday night and generated a buzz in Eamon Doran's that I, as a regular, have never seen before!! From the word go I witnessed perfection at its best! Not a key, note or cord out of sync. I watched eager music fans let themselves be drawn to the stage like moths to a flame and I emphasize the word flame because believe me when I say, these lads were on fire. The first 5 minutes of the first song cruised poetically around the room, weaving in and out of ears until every punter in the place was on their feet dancing their way toward a full on mosh! Another cyberspace fairytale originating in the heart of Tallaght, the boys joined forces in February 2007 and have been unstoppable ever since. Spending every free moment they have in a shed outside the drummer's mother's house, the barricades have given a new meaning to the word dedication. Thanks to the help of Ceolnua Studios in ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Galway, the lads got together an ep which they put on their myspace webpage. Since mid March this ep alone has attracted over 2000 myspace users to add this incredible band to their page.
From the powers that be… the internet, the barricades have been on the top of many surfers fingertips. The show on Saturday night was the barricades first gig and what a mighty gig it was. The basement of Doran's never saw such action, the room was flooded with barricades fans all singing along word for word with the band. It was unfortunate for some fans who had to be turned away at the door as the club had reached capacity by 22:30pm!! A first for a Dublin band playing their debut gig. The barricades are playing Eamon Doran's again on 23rd June 2007 I strongly advise a full attendance! More information can be found on

- Lesley Mills


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The Barricades were formed back in Febuary 07. When four lads with a mutual hate for reality and soberness decided it was time to get heard. Mark (Guitar) Aido (bass) and Git (Drums) were all childhood friends and had been playing music together for a few years when Brian (vocals) was brought in and given the job of "the voice"! The majority of the barricades sound is extremely radio friendly and good humoured, Its said to make you feel happy thoughts, whilst nodding your head and humming the melody with a smile on your face. The band have a wide range of influnences from Frankie Valli and the Four seasons to the sex pistols and the beatles. Amazingly enough alot of these influences can be heard in the music! The Barricades sing about drink, work, girls, love, society and most importantly Life in general. With catchy hooks and rocking beats its no doubt that the barricades are a wonderful combination. The barricades recently have been recording down in galway with Andy Reynolds of Ceol Nua ( where they recorded their first 5 track Ep. Since putting the EP online in april the barricades have gotten an amazing amount of attention from indie loving teens all around the webbernet. The Barricades played their first Headline show on the 28th of April to a SOLD OUT eammon dorans crowd in Dublin. This was due to the popularity of the recently recorded demo that had been available for listening online. Now, the barricades have secured a management contract and are Due back in studio on the 1st of July to start recording there debut album. The Barricades have been said to sound like a mixture Between - The fratellis, the strokes, The Clash and the beatles.