The Barrs

The Barrs


The Barr's aren't just a group, but they're a family. Singing is what they do, but ministers is what we are. Their goal is to inspire other's to look at themselves and get the people to see that there's more to what they think, and there's a someone they need to know, because He loves you.


With a love and passion to serve Christ, and a will to serve, The Barr's have traveled around the world in order to complete God's will for their lives.

The Barr's consists of Gina, Gino, Katrina, and Christina Barr, who are the oldest of seven children, who are all pk's (pastor's kids). With a pastor as a father, they started up singing in their church as small children. Christina joined the adult praise team when she was only 10. From there they continue singing not only in their church, but many churches across the U.S. and various other countries singing and ministering the gospel. The Barr's have also been on BET and on Daystar Network and have sang with Ron Kenoly for Morris Cerullo.

In the tradition of Andrea Crouch with a variety of styles, any person is able to find what they are looking for on their cd. Whether if it's pop, a love song, a Latin rhythm, rock, or and oldie with a new twist, you can enjoy your type of style while worshiping God. If you want to sit down and bob your head, stand up and move, or fall down and submit yourself unto God, you can do it all while listening to The Barr's.

Not only are The Barrs talented singers but writers as well, writing most of their own music. Some songs they have done are "Dream Come True" a love song with a Latin flavor, "Power in the Blood" an old hymn with a new spin, "The Clay" a song about submitting your heart unto God and asking Him to make you and mold you, "Still With Me" a moving song written after a terrible accident involving Gino and Gina, and many great other songs.

With a love for God, a talented writing ability, and producers such as Rick DeLima and Dana Reed, who worked with Raze, Take Six, CC Winans, Alvin Slaughter, and many more, you've got a great cd and music artists who will always give their all to God before what themselves or others.


Destiny, 2003

Set List

95% original material

Sets can be an hour or more.

Mostly Gospel and Contemporary Christian but will perform secular songs as long as they are inspiriational. Example: I Believe I can Fly, and Hero., The Greatest Love of All

other songs that we perform with includes:
You Are Good
Again I say Rejoice
Friend Of God
That Name
God is God
Strong Enough