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The Barshow

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The Barshow EP:
1. Fear The Colors
2. Forbidden Fruit
3. A New Fabric
4. Run Over
5. Hypocrite
6. Coward

The Barshow (Self Titled Album):
1. No Complaints
2. A Mystery
3. Takes A Drink Or Two*
4. Lunatik
5. Neglect
6. Crossword
7. Right Move
8. Siren
9. Introspective Retrospect
10. The Dream*

Streaming at
1. The Dream*
2. Takes A Drink Or Two*
3. Introspective Retrospect
4. Lunatik

Streaming at
1. A Mystery
2. No Complaints
3. Takes A Drink Or Two



Rising from the moderately active rock scenes of Hacienda Heights and La Puente, California, is a band who seeks for something more than moderate. Band members: Jose Carrillo (lead guitar/vocals), Alex Cruz (bass), Edward Cruz (rhythm guitar), and Richard Argumosa (drums), established themselves as The Barshow back in the summer of 2003. Taking in consideration that adulthood had not even begun to set in, with Jose and Edward being 16, Richard 17, and Alex 18, they were already playing bars/pubs and experiencing the feeling of entertaining a slightly older crowd.

With the guidance and leadership of Jose Cruz (former drummer) guiding these young lads from gig to gig at the time, and a very rough sounding six song demo under their belts (The Barshow EP) – recorded in March of ‘05 – they began to explore the music scene with their live venue appearances. The writing force within The Barshow, however, never slowed down nor did it seem to weaken. Their short term goals are the indispensable musical appreciation from their fans and thoughts of “the next new song” while they strive to be one of the most appreciated rock bands of our time. Social and culturally aware lyrics show what The Barshow stands for, but they don’t shy away from “good times” music. They acknowledge individuality and make the attempt to bond with their audience at each intimate performance.

The repeated question of classification is always a pleasure to hear. The Barshow is your 1990’s influenced Alternative-Rock-Jam band. The Barshow’s influences are all over the map, with Rock N’ Roll reaching half a century. Most of the band’s favorites, however, are kept within the last couple of decades. The funky spirituality of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the raging politically charged energy of Rage Against the Machine, the anthems of Pearl Jam, the simple coolness of The Strokes, the solid pulse of The Police, etc., etc., etc. Accomplishing so much with a youthful band is something that The Barshow looks back on with pride. Being asked to come back at many bars, pubs, and venues was proof of their hard work paying off. A close friend of the band went as far as to say, “The Barshow is the best thing to happen to Hacienda Heights since the Buddhist Temple.” The Barshow is now experiencing the taste of what looks like a bright future for their music and fans. They are currently working with Mystix Moon Production Distribution and have been nominated for the 2008 Grammy Awards.

So whichever your drink of choice may be The Barshow never fails to get heads bobbing and toes tapping while speaking their minds through their lyrics and connecting with their audience through social awareness, life experience, and the ability to dim down a tempo for a true human emotion.