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The best kept secret in music


"'Basement Tapes' a fun, cheesy mixture"

I recently read that a Rolling Stone writer began every review with the first line on an album, and so, I will do the same for this self-released, self-titled album by CNU seniors Greg McCracken, Sam Hurd, Nathan Mitchell and Jake Hull. "Welcome May to the center of your prison stay," McCracken greets in "Bloom" a fun-fueled pop rock tune, from "The Basement Tapes."

The prison for McCracken is life's ups and downs, from the frolicking "Armageddon" to the overly-mushy "I Will Be Your Blanket."

The name of the game with the Tapes is power pop, oozing with hooks. Sometimes they music really works out, such as the incredible progressive rocker "Voz II&I." Sometimes, the song gets by with a simple hook, like "Because," a simple guitar ballad with a short vocal melody.

The album contains three of McCracken's self-proclaimed "cheesy love songs": the aformentioned "Because," "I Will Be Your Blanket" and "Lovely Dove." They truly are cheesy, but they really aren't bad songs, even if the lyrics on "Blanket" are incredibly goofy: "when you're cold and naked/ I will be your blanket."

The album takes a turn for the darker with dirge-like "WWIII" and "Closed Eyes III." The former draws an almost political message and turns it into the final break-up with a girlfriend as she tries to "hide (her) life behind (her) hate" and "wash away the evidence."

It's a glorious moment on the album, but it almost left me imaginiing what more impressive production could bring to the sound.

Two particular songs stuck out: "Little Bird" by Hull (a Momentary Prophets favorite) and "Ridges of a Warrior" by Hurd, which fit into the entire picture well, though Hurd's vocal style is very different from McCracken's and Hull's and can be a bit surprising. Hurd sounds like he's in Fall Out Boy territory.

The variety of sound on the album is impressive for a fledgling band.

The homely, personal feeling of the album makes for quite a warm, enjoyable listen. I can only hope for the best for these up-and-comers. - The Captain's Log (April 11, 2007)

"Talent heats up Homegrown act"

...Senior Greg McCracken then took the stage with several songs from his band, The Basement Tapes. McCracken also played several acoustic renditions of three "cheesy love songs": "Lovely Dove," "I Will Be Your Blanket," and "Because."

The songs were short, sweet and ready for any audience. "Blanket" even gave the entire crown a toothache... - The Captain's Log (April 11, 2007)


The Bloom EP (2006)
The Psychedelic Acid Freakout EP (2006)
The Basement Tapes...Go Acoustic! EP (2006)
The Basement Tapes (self titled LP) (2007)


Feeling a bit camera shy


This story starts with a 12 year old boy doing hardcore rapping over some of his cousin's homemade beats. This boy, Greg McCracken, wrote his first album that year. In the next 5 years, he would make 4 more rap albums. Then, his life was changed when he heard The Beatles for the first time. It was at this moment that Greg obsessively dedicated his time to creating masterful pop songs like those of his favorite group. By the time Greg was 22, he had written an over-abundance of material which he shared with musicians Nathan Mitchell (Prisms, Ghost Outfit), Sam Hurd (Cadence), and Jake Hull (Momentary Prophets.) The proper songs were chosen, and The Basement Tapes were created.

Since the groups formulation, they have created a stellar following as well as 3 EP's and a full-length self-titled debut. Currently, the band is moving from a "record creating" directive to a live movement. Future plans include an acoustic tour in May to promote the new album.