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Six Kittens of the Apocalypse - CD
Bad Dogs Don't Die - CD
BASH - 7" (white vinyl fuck yah)
Single? PARTY HAT - gets play on some college radio stations etc. kids in bellingham sang it out their window at us while we were walking once - it's a hit.



we started jamming in high school, some 8 years ago. we both were terrible players but we figured as long as we were entertaining that people would forgive us for sounding crappy. eight years later i hope that we've improved our musicianship but fuck technical wanking anyways, we do it our way and that way can be a bit sloppy but it's always balls fucking deep. we've screamed our little hearts out about just about everything from broken hymens to tiny dogs in graveyards. sometimes people think it's a bit joke-ish until they experience the true joy of watching the bash brothers live, cause we're balls fucking serious about having a good time and i'm told it's totally contageous. as far as gender goes, sure, we're girls, we're in a band, we love sleater kinney, but it's not about that. we just love to rock out, it's not political until someone says "you guys are pretty good for girls." kristjanne is the wildest woman anyone who knows her knows... er.. does that make sense? she might look like a librarian from afar but she's one hell of a wild cat and screams like a banshee. she is standing on her drum kit pointing her sticks at the audience telling everyone to fight cause sometimes tiny people have to prove that they're big personalities. i am lindsay, and i'm writing this, i play bass like a metal god, scream like jello biafra (i know i'm a chick but too many people have drawn the comparison) and i like big hair and cigarettes. is that enough? does this set us apart? there are far too many stories...