The Bassics
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The Bassics

Cleveland, Ohio, United States | SELF

Cleveland, Ohio, United States | SELF
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Gimmicks and Antics (EP - 2010)
Sell My Body / Of The Lord (Single - 2011)



Cotemporary society! What a load of excessive over-indulgent thought in ones’ own narcissism. Profile pictures, status updates, sexting feel good, tweet, twat, there’s a target on your back. It was painted there the moment you forgot what depression and dejection was truly like, when ten other people said the same thing today alone. What are we missing? One word, PASSION!
Passion, it’s worth so much more than one can say. Passion to love, to fight, to dance for your life, knowing there is more to your self-worth than your biological makeup. All your senses are alive and interpret, interrupt, or distort reality as you wish for it to be. You can believe your feelings though, even if they may be guided by your senses. You can senses allow you to feel the physical act of music, and your feelings distribute that to your emotional conscience.
The sweet ominous tones and drones of heavy rifting music and the delicacies or tasting forbidden fruit soften your pallet and send shivers down your spine. That’s good music, that’s a good time, that’s getting out of “Dodge”. If you made a list of your favorite things, music is almost always at the top or right damn near it.
With that said, may I introduce you to The Bassics, a musical trio who still believes that the power of music can save and destroy alike, and that there is but much good music left to be had and enjoyed. Danger has come back to rock ‘n’ roll and it screams, “Sell My Body”, with a religious fervent rivaling the mightiest Southern Preacher. Not to mention some catchy hooks.
So spin blind and mad like the chaos that will ensue once you begin to listen to this band. There is nothing else like it around, and you may take comfort in the fact that bliss may be found through distortion, fuzz, and feedback. I play guitar, guitar go boom! Boom shatters ears! Oh what boundless joy!