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""... this is the best live band in Roanoke. If you get this band -- and you have to sit with it to get it -- you'll know what I mean. You like Beck? Devo? Oingo Boingo? Go hear this band ...""

----- - Tad Dickens, music editor for The Roanoke Times

""Spastic, schizophrenic insanity that, at times, resembles indie rock.""

----- - Urbancode Magazine and Filter contributor Danny Fasold in Wonkavision Magazine

""... captures that particular brand of ‘Ramen noodle loneliness’ so prevalent in one's 20's.""

----- - novelist and Spin writer Darcey Steinke, on The New York Times website

""When he sings, his voice deepens. It fills the corners of the room. He screeches. He croons. The sound is rich, raw, confident.""

----- - Mike Hudson, journalist and contributor to The Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and New York Time

""... The Bastards of Fate are like no other band I have heard, or seen live. Truly a unique experience.""

----- - Johnny Puke, iconic Charleston, SC punk promoter

""I've seen hundreds of shows. I dropped out of college once to see The Ramones. I travelled across the country and saw Guided By Voices 19 times. I hold The Bastards of Fate in the upper echelon of bands I've seen. They're that good.""

----- - Deral Fenderson, elder statesman at WUVT 90.7 FM in Blacksburg, VA

""Cheatwood's songs elevate picture-perfect snapshots of perfectly trivial things - space heaters, life at the office, paleontology - to soulful dance-party epics.""

----- - Patrick Wall, music editor for The Columbia Free Times in Columbia, SC

""Doug Cheatwood records the guilt and confusion of ten million frustrated protestants without apology or constraint.""

----- - Creg Lovett, contributor to Space City Rock and Public News in Houston, TX

""Cheatwood and his Bastards will take you completely by surprise. Their particular brand of freak rock, equal parts acid trip blitzkrieg and soulful psychedelia, is not to be missed!""

----- - Josh Smith, host of The Columbia Beet on WUSC 90.5 FM in Columbia, SC

""The Bastards of Fate come from beyond the veil - a mixture of fantasy and cacophony distilled into eminently memorable songs.""

----- - Dave Brenneman, engineer for Real Recording Studio in NYC


"More Than A Dozen Songs" by Doug Cheatwood - O.U.C.H. 2007



The Bastards of Fate ...

- are from Roanoke, VA

- toured twice with The Dead Milkmen's Joe Jack Talcum

- had all of their equipment destroyed in a warehouse fire on January 3rd, 2008, and only cancelled one of many scheduled performances during the next few months (donations and benefits organized on the band's behalf by other musicians, local businesses and WROV raised thousands of dollars to help the band recover)

- shared billing with Captured! By Robots, The Chinese Stars, The Physics of Meaning, The Emotron, Dynamite Club, The Old Ceremony and SNMNMNM, among others

- played nearly 100 shows since forming in 2006

- have a strong following in Southwest Virginia and a growing following throughout Virginia, DC, and the Carolinas

- played shows in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Richmond, Chapel Hill, Atlanta, New Orleans, Providence, Austin, Orlando, Nashville, Chattanooga, Birmingham and Charleston

- booked venues such as The Milestone Club in Charlotte, Cake Shop in NYC, Sidebar Tavern in Baltimore, Velvet Lounge in DC, Blend in Chapel Hill, Soapbox in Wilmington, and Village Tavern in Charleston

- sold several hundred copies of Doug Cheatwood's "More Than A Dozen Songs" since its release in the summer of 2007

- contributed to MC Frontalot's album "Secrets From The Future" (which recently went gold)

- have been featured on The New York Times website, in Wonkavision Magazine, and on multiple occasions in The Roanoke Times (average readership 310,000) and on Virginia Tech's WUVT