The Battlecats

The Battlecats


The Battlecats are a quirky, garagey pop band from Connecticut. We'll scratch your face!


“The Battlecats are comin’ at ya!”

In February '02, they were playing parties as ‘underground-loved-by-those-who-knew-them-unknowns’ ... by April, they were packing rooms in hometown New Haven and Connecticut shore clubs while getting mentioned weekly in local tastemaker press. Shortly thereafter was the release of their debut EP Made from Scratch—an instant local smash.

The Battlecats are raw, unironic, and irrepressibly catchy. Their take on bubblegum garage-punk can be simultaneously—belligerent, exuberant, and naive. And they’re for real. Frontman Jimmy Jude is a star in the making. A prancing tornado attacking guitar, bass and microphone with wreckless bravado. Drummer Kelley Kat pounds hypnotic Moe Tucker beats while staring holes through the ceiling; guitarist Sean Beirne grins and roams the stage, while traces of the Kinks, vintage Stones and Richard Hell and the Voidoids litter the speakers.
The Battlecats have taken the New Haven music scene by storm. Their new cd Made from Scratch “features seven tunes of hook-laden guitar pushed garage pop that is-no shit-catchier than the plague” says the New Haven Advocate. The disk is called Made From Scratch because it literally was—each of the initial covers were unique and hand-drawn by drummer/artist Kelley Kat—a cool reminder of what rock ‘should, or used to be’.

2003 saw the release of a 2nd EP Let Em Work. A more diverse and growing catalog of songs was emerging. More headlining gigs followed and the richly deserved title of “New Haven’s biggest band” was snatched.

In 2004 the 'cats played a blistering set at the annual South By Southwest music festival in Austin, TX.

Brooklyn’s Reel to Reel Records quickly signed the ‘Cats and have culled the best of the EPs plus new tracks to present the new Made from Scratch on a national stage.

“Do you want the regular or extra?”


Human Being 7" (Arms&Needles&Records)
"Made From Scratch" LP (2003 Reel To Reel Records)
"Let 'em Work" LP (2003 self released)
"Last Stop New Haven" LP (2002 Monkey Power Records) compilation featuring four Battlecats songs.
"Made From Scratch" (2002 self released)
These songs are regularly played on WNHU, WYBC, WPKN, WXCI, and

Set List

Battlecats #1
Holding Company
Allright Allready
Let 'em Work, Let 'em Live
Chiquita Baby
What's So Bad About The Battlecats
Swing or Sway
Auditory Story
Regular or Extra
Sheepshead Bay
Touchy Subjects
Bunny Ears
Pay Day
We consider this our "best of" set list. The Battlecats can play as long as an hour and a half, but prefer to play a good, tight set and leave the audience wanting more!