The Battle Sigh

The Battle Sigh


An emphasis on lush sounds and harmonies bring Steven Foxbury's eclectic collection of songs to life. Through a varied mix of instrumentation, The Battle Sigh are that rare collective that lend beauty and the element of surprise to each of their songs.


Though living in Pittsburgh now, Steven Foxbury is generally considered to be one of Central Florida's most established singer/songwriters. After spending time in several bands, most notably, My Friend Steve, with whom he scored a minor hit, Charmed, on Mammoth Records' release Hope & Wait, Foxbury spent the intervening years quietly writing and recording on his own.

Recently, he has emerged with a new project called The Battle Sigh. In this group, Foxbury seems to have finally found the perfect mix of musicians to offer his songs the voice of distinction that he has long sought after.

The result is the most dynamic and beautiful band that we've seen from this songwriter and it's exciting to think what the future may hold for them.


The Battle Sigh are in the process of recording right now, but versions of some of their songs produced by Paul Doucette (The Break and Repair Method, Matchbox Twenty) and Mike Maurice can be heard on Foxbury's MySpace page:

Set List

Sets to date are approximately an hour long. A typical set list looks somehting like this:

1. Soft Punches
2. Turning My Glance
3. Springqueen
4. Haircut
5. Pink & Brown
6. Some New Development
7. All That Can Go Wrong
8. Spider
9. What's Gold Again
10. No Tomorrow