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The Bawdy Electric

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Pop




"Toronto concert picks for Sunday: Colin Stetson, Chronixx, The Bawdy Electric"

An April two-song EP from this cheeky foursome hailing from — we’re not sure; New Brunswick for sure, Montreal, a bit of Toronto — shows off their catchy power pop quite well, if not their internecine NHL rivalries, which must cause them lots of headaches given that they list “Brian Burke” as their manager. - The Toronto Star


If you like your rock loud, nonabrasive and without cynicism, I suggest checking out The Bawdy Electric. It's not my job to gauge sincerity in artists, but it's not hard to see the earnestness in lyrics about looking "for a family/some land/ and a home." Warms the heart. Of course, it's pure escapism for a urban deviant like me whose priorities don't extend beyond writing copy for cultural websites and my next fix of booze, babes or barbiturates (and who wears a patch spelling out Irony on the sleeve of his jean jacket). But every dirt bike (me) needs someone with a truck and a trailer (earnest people) for when they pop a tire. - BlogTO


We at BU are big fans of The Bawdy Electric, so we were psyched to find out they had released two brand-new singles.

Catchy and powerful, I’ll Be Your Mountain/Any Closer to the Day is a wicked release, infused with all the fun and energy characteristic of this fantastic Montreal-based band. The lyrics are beautiful and epic, and The Bawdy Electric’s upbeat, exciting sound is the perfect vehicle for them. I dare you to close your eyes and not fall a little bit in love with Chris Durning’s versatile voice as it ranges from high and clear, to plaintive, to intense and guttural. Unpretentious and hilarious, it doesn’t hurt that these gentlemen easily charm the pants off their audiences.

Best of all, you can download the new tracks for FREE, right here. Just brace yourself for the crushing disappointment you’ll feel when all too quickly, you get to the end of the songs. - Bloody Underrated

"Listen Up:: The Bawdy Electric"

I had no intention of posting today. Work is consuming more and more hours, as is a toddler with an ever growing obsession with parks, construction and reaching new heights on playground slides.

I was happy to simply revisit some old favorites and take a break from the daily grind, but that blogiday was over when the six-minutes of power pop from The Bawdy Electric started circling around my head like a halo this morning.

Without being totally reductive, this Toronto/Montreal via New Brunswick (with a stopover at Dalhousie) band sounds enough like John Darnielle fronting a New Pornographers inspired bar band to grab any music fan’s ear. “Any Closer To The Day” is built on rolling guitar and Christopher Durning’s inspired vocals, but the song slowly and confidently explodes into an A.C. Newman / Dan Bejar worthy climax full of vocals, plucky bass and horns. The band calls it “power pub”, and honestly, that descriptor is apt and better than anything I can come up with on my own.

But The Bawdy Electric is more than beer soaked anthems; lyrically, there are many gems to be mined from these two songs. It’s hard to ignore the potential of this band when the verses and choruses of “I’ll Be Your Mountain” document how quickly we are willing to give up on who we are for someone else’s happiness so well.

No strife, I want nothing of your life | But I’ll be blue collar true all the same | I’ve got everything we need | A mortgage and my gorgeous family name

There’s something poetic about his willingness to become something he hates for a woman undeserving of his love. He will sacrifice and suffer through each canon blast, if she would just ask. He will be what she needs until the rock finally crumbles to the sea and all that’s left is the vindictive end state for him to hold onto. The misguided hope that she would have missed him if he only he found the strength to walk out the door.

Oh… and wrestling ass on a turnbuckle? Well played, sir. Well played. - Herohill

"The Bawdy Electric - A Modern Frontier (2012)"

This track instantly reminds me of power pop acts like Rick Springfield and Teenage Fanclub, with its impassioned vocals mixed with a pulsing snare hits that can't help but get my head bobbing along in cadence. This is the kind of stuff that I could see getting more than one rotation on mainstream radio, and hopefully these guys will get a taste of a larger audience sometime in their future.

It's big, it's fun, and you can pump your fists in the air like its 1986 while playing it. - Spacerockmountain

"The Midnight Poutine Podcast - Oct. 24-31, 2012"

"Lead Singer, Christopher both a poet and a comedian" - Midnight Poutine

"EOTC Podcast #34 • Politics, Arts, Bearlesque and Chris Durning"

"Musical guest Chris Durning, from The Bawdy Electric, did what every musician as always dreamed possible. He made AM Radio turn into FM Radio." - Edge Of The City

"Triple Arcade, the Bawdy Electric, Hunter/Gatherer, Sparkling White"

"The Bawdy Electric are a Montreal band without that trademark Montreal sound, in fact I'd be more likely to buy them being from Halifax. That's refreshing!" -

"The Bawdy Electric/Caroline Glass & Dewanatron"

"They’re loud, they’re fun, and they’re highly talented. Pub-rock at its absolute best! What more could you ask for?" - Bloody Underrated

"Educated humour"

"At a Bachelors show, the comedy arises from the clash of the Bachelors’ serious art collective intentions and sensibilities with their self-deprecating and campy shtick. Tomorrow night, they’ll reach for the pinnacles of the Attic Greeks while falling into the shit and getting their underwear and bed sheets dirty." - The McGill Daily

"Tale Spin at Le Cagibi"

"Swoon-worthy Chris Durning played beautiful music and told stories about singing at funerals that made me thankful I never worked at a funeral parlour." - She Does The City Montreal

"Hit Wonder"

"This Sunday, April 22nd in Toronto, there is going to be a delightful show at the Garrison. Featuring gramofriends Henri Fabergé and The Bawdy Electric. Go go." - Said The Grammophone

"Bachelors of Fine Arts: The Longest Write-up Ever, and All Just to Talk About a Show"

"The Bawdy Electric, a band who describe their genre as unpopular popular music, but I feel like that will change soon as they achieve massive popularity due to being indescribably awesome. They have pop hooks so catchy you start wondering if you’ll ever remember other music, but it’s the classic power-pop feel that will make you want to dance and sing in a manner that is totally appropriate for a concert, but decidedly embarrassing if performed elsewhere." -

"Les Valleymakers à la Casa del Popolo"

"C'est l'auteur-compositeur-interprète Christopher Durning qui assurait la première partie de la soirée, livrant seul à la guitare électrique des chansons de style rock et blues sans afféteries. Quelques tournures mélodiques signalaient parfois l'influence de Meatloaf (le premier Bat out of hell, surtout), en moins opératique. Armé d'une voix sûre et d'une excellente présence sur scène, Durning a su décontracter la foule, livrant pour chacune des pièces la juste dose d'humour et de sincérité." - Petite Musique De Nuit


Still working on that hot first release.



The Bawdy Electric make raucous power pop with big, rollicking guitars, fiercely modern hooks, and words as carefully chosen as a first car. Spreading their time between Montreal and Toronto, and with a sharp tongue planted firmly in cheek, this group of four affectionately calls their sound Power Pub, but this is not your Dad's Dad Rock band. Singer/guitarist Christopher Durning grew up in the port city of Saint John, New Brunswick, along with bassist Nick Lavigne and guitarist Matthew Higgins. Like any maritimers worth their salt, the boys moved to big cities where they met drummer Paul Krumholz, a Virginian Canadaphile with log cabin wishes and poutine dreams. It was also here that Durning enrolled in and dropped out of both opera and english literature degrees, which taught him how to write some words and sing them very loudly, as well as how to give up on things.

Having developed a reputation for high energy live performances that engage their audience's mind, feet, and livers, these lads have enlisted the help of fellow ex-pat New Brunswickan Tyler Crawford of Reversing Falls in recording their FACTOR funded debut EP at Montreal's The Pines Studios (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Parlovr, Timbre Timbre). It is set for release in the summer of 2014 and can be mentioned in the same breath as The New Pornographers, Big Star, Roxy Music, or Fleetwood Mac, so long as you take a big enough breath. Their debut 7" single "I'll Be Your Mountain/Any Closer To The Day" was released online on April 1st, 2013.

For a transcript of this biography send five dollars to The Bawdy Electric, PO BOX 1985, MONTREAL, QC.

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