The BC3

The BC3

 Schaumburg, Illinois, USA

Alternative Rock, Old School Blues and Pop hooks intricately blended to satisfy different listeners tastes. Great grooves leave room for sharp vocals and tasteful guitar. You can dance, bang your head and pump your fist (all at once if you like) at one of our energetic shows. Come out and see us!


In a music scene dominated heavily from indie to metal, Brian Collins and Brian Calhoun set out to create a sound blanketed in old blues and modern rock. With influences from Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan to The Black Keys and Pearl Jam, honing in on a certain style was key to the start of this project. Collins and Calhoun met back in the summer of 2009 and haven't looked back since. As the two began to write music, it was clear of the bond they had and the willingness to learn to be successful.

In the fall of 2009, the duo became a trio and the course was plotted. The BC3 was ready to go with an arsenal of blues/rock cover songs and a few originals. The band was getting better opportunities as a blues cover band but shortly after the summer of 2010, Calhoun and Collins decided to part ways with their then bass player, Brian Wakeman. Multiple band meetings and half-hearted jam sessions led to another search for a bassist to complete the trio.

With a fresh mindset and desire to be their own band, Calhoun and Collins revamped The BC3 sound and launched in a slightly different direction. In the fall of 2011, the two crossed paths with former guitar/bassist Chris Olcikas. At a jam session in a friends' cramped spare bedroom in Round Lake, music and ideas came pouring out within the first hour and it became crystal clear Chris was the guy they were after. On that day in a hot, cardboard box of a room, the sound of their first song gave a motivating sense of direction and soon after gave them their first track in what came to be "One Step Back" from the Blind Eyes album.

The BC3 quickly gelled together and began playing shows at venues that were previously foreign to them on the indie music scene. Crowds across the Chicagoland area are quickly becoming familiar with these boys and they surely are not turning back now. Watch for these guys and infect yourself with the energy that is The BC3.

The BC3 is:

Brian Collins-Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals
Brian Calhoun-Drums/Percussion
Chris Olcikas-Bass/Overall Awesomeness


-So Far Gone-EP 2011

-Blind Eyes-The BC3/2012