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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | INDIE

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | INDIE
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Local snot-nosed punks the BCASA have yanked out three Christmas-themed knee-slappers here that rigidly give the middle-finger salute to the birth of the baby Jesus and get it on and over with before you can actually read their verbose title. “Merry Christmas Darth Vader,” “Kiss Me Under the Dingle Berries” and “Santa vs. Predator”—any questions? You can download the songs at 7/10 - Montreal Mirror

Non mais y en as-tu des groupes pas originaux pour deux cennes qui sortent des albums plates à mort. Par chance, il y a aussi des groupes qui ont le cerveau à off mais qui dégagent tellement d’énergie qu’on ne peut tout simplement pas passer à côté. À défaut de vous encombrer d’un autre laxatif top en cette fin d’année, m’en va vous glisser quelques mots sur l’un des meilleurs groupes locaux du moment: le trio BCASA (The Bill Cosby Anarchist Society of America).
Pour décrire leur deuxième album, Bateman Begins, paru ce printemps, pensez aux Hives, en plus déchaînés, qui auraient passer leur jeunesse à essayer de réussir la Fatality de Kintaro à Mortal Kombat II. Ça donne du punk énergique sans bon sens – avec juste un peu de rap – des guitares rasoirs et des chansons qui parlent de jeux vidéos, de p’tits bonhommes pis d’autres sujets à haute teneur en crottes de fromage et lunettes épaisses.
En spectacle, BCASA parvient à surpasser l’énergie déployée sur ce deuxième album. Un exploit en soi qui s’apparente à manger une volée par les 4 Turtles en même temps…avec Casey Jones qui te slap les fesses avec sa palette de cricket. Vraiment, une telle intensité est rare et sera toujours essentielle. Au Bangbang, Bateman Begins occupe seulement la 19e position du Top 25 annuel, mais moi j’pense que le monde ici devrait jouer plus souvent au Super Nintendo en bedaine.
4,5 rides de skate dans un égoût sur 5 - Bang Bang

The brief little passage alluding to Darwin soiling his trousers in the opening track of The BCASA’s latest full length, Bateman Begins, sums up my thoughts exactly. The Montreal garage punk three-piece knows they exist on the lowest rung of the evolutionary ladder, and they embrace it. Fact is, with topics ranging from videogames to movie references, you’d be hard pressed to find a geekier display of random pop culture references. Yet, they hold an endearing quality – like the lovable underachievers in movies like Napoleon Dynamite or Superbad.

Bateman Begins comes chalk full of slacker anthems – by slackers, for slackers. And on that note, the whole album feels as if it was improvised live in the studio during a single take after downing several cans of cheap beer. The logic behind each song is something akin to a half-baked deadbeat listing off things that are “awesome.” That list includes topics like “Street Fighter Alpha 3,” “Karate,” “Die Hard,” “Batman” and that hilariously bad Mortal Kombat sequel, “The Revenge Of Shao Kahn.”

You’d think it would be easy to look past such a spastic and unfocused collection, but as standouts like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toting “Cowabunga Dude” makes clear, The BCASA makes mental instability fun. After hearing phrases like “Raised on the streets of New York by a rat, trained in old weaponry, ancient combat, with sai and nunchucks, swords and a bo, the battle was over, defeat every foe. Bebop and Rocksteady, two mutant cowards, Baxter Stockman and all of his mousers, wouldn’t want to be in Shredder’s trousers, feeling the wrath of – Turtle Power!” I can’t help but bob my head to the groovy, thumping baselines and raw guitar energy. It’s enough to make the inner child within wish that I could leave professionalism at the door and flip out alongside these censorless boys.

The only continuity within The BCASA is their lack there of. I’ve given up trying to describe exactly how to describe their sound, but if you can imagine throwing Direct Hit!, Gregory Pepper And His Problems, Bandname, and Fake Problems into a blender and setting it to “garage fuzz,” then you’re about as prepared as you’ll ever be. Bateman Begins never tries to be more than it is, and it succeeds because of it. The BCASA is certainly an acquired taste, but it’s quick become a taste that I just can’t get enough of. -

The BCASA represent a big part of the Montreal punk scene, but to every other city, they’re just another band with an unusual long name: The B*ll C*sby Anarchist Society of America (censored after receiving a cease and desist order from Bill Cosby’s lawyers). Well, that’s soon to change after the BCASA released their debut album, Fuck It Up Hard.
The cover art is simply of a dinosaur playing a guitar against a neon green background drawn on MS Paint, but like the old saying goes, don’t judge by the cover. The album contains almost three years worth of hard work, even if the content might sound like a joke; there are two songs about video games, three songs about food, three songs about the advance and obsession of technology, and other many other songs with titles like “Double Hitler Violation” and “George Harrison and the Future Beatles.” Listening to the album creates nostalgia of the ‘90s, not only for the subject matter, but because of the recording quality. All songs were recorded on analog tape, which leaves a hiss whenever there’s a silence. It has an old-school sound we’ve forgotten about, but it makes us wonder whether it’s really necessary.
Over the past week I’ve observed different reactions to the release of Fuck It Up Hard. The guys at Little Baby Records are very excited about their first official record under their label. A friend of mine, however, isn’t so pleased about the mixing and production value, saying that it lacks punch. Another friend actually took the time to learn some of the songs on guitar, so a couple days ago, we were singing BCASA on the streets. Personally, I’m addicted to BCASA. Others are oblivious to its existence, which is why I’m determined to bring it beyond the realms of Montreal. - Verbicide


Fuck it up Hard! LP (2010)
available for free download @

Bateman Begins LP (2011) (Stomp Records)
available on iTunes

"All I Want for Christmas is a Time Machine so I can go Back in Time to that Time When I Ate the Ice Cream!" EP (2011)
available for free download @



With twangy guitar licks, distorted slinky bass lines, bombardments of call and answer vocals, and intense drum rhythms from speedy to beat-y, The BCASA are providing one of the more interesting sounds in the Montreal music scene. Though they have survived in the punk circuit for years, their approach and energy leave you with a counter-punk feeling. They demonstrate a catalogue of songs with lyrics and titles so ridiculous that you can’t ignore them. From “Double Hitler Violation”, a hockey anthem, to “Q Dog King Cheese Parkin’ Bitches at Your Mom’s Place”, a song no one is really sure about, to songs simply about eating food and killing robots. It is clear that this band has no interest in your interests.

B.C.A.S.A. is an acronym for ‘Bill Cosby Anarchist Society of America’ which had to be changed due to threat of legal action from Mr. Cosby’s team of flesh-hungry badgers. They have been referred to as The Cosby’s, The Bill Cosby’s, Bee-cassa, and "the band with bad haircuts". They’ve played in the grimiest of venues and also have some reputable events under their belt such as Fear & Loathing in Montreal alongside The Sainte Catherines, Trigger Effect and Barn Burner as well as My Dog Popper’s latest reunion show.

This trio carries itself with a strong “D.I.Y. or Don’t I.Y.” manner. Everything from album covers to the music itself is very home grown. To some they may come across as a niche or novelty group but it’s surprisingly easy to get comfortable in the odd nature of this band. “With music of this intensity and obtuseness they're bound to catch on with the scenester crew for the whole kitsch value thing... the band's unusual, ham-fisted commingling of the Hives' twangy, sporadic, four-chord rock'n'roll with NOFX meets a less smarmy Brutal Knights is actually quite endearing." (Keith Carman, Exclaim! Magazine) Those who have seen live performances recognize the reality of their original presence. There is no anti-venom for The BCASA; they will fuck you up hard.