The B'Dinas

The B'Dinas

 Kansas City, Missouri, USA


In the summer of 2009, five friends who met at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, finding themselves in various stages of completion and/or fed-up-ness with college, wondered what on Earth to do with themselves. Realizing--perhaps belatedly and absolutely under the influence of summer party season--that the serendipitous union of both a talent for and a love of music had been the fast-acting crazy glue of their friendship in the first place, a band was formed.

The B'Dinas--Peter, Katy, Meredith, Katelyn, and Tess--spent that first summer honing their skills at house parties, playing some brand-new originals as well as an eclectic mix of covers: The Beatles' "Don't Let Me Down," MIA's "Paper Planes," Led Zeppelin's "When the Levee Breaks," and the Ting Tings' "That's Not My Name," to name a few. Opportunities grew with their arsenal of original songs, and soon they were making appearances all over Kansas City, at places like CODA, The Riot Room, The Recordbar, and Davey's Uptown Ramblers Club.

The musicianship evident in the band's songs doesn't dull the laid back, come-to-our-party vibe of its performance. The B'Dinas take turns singing and composing the songs, and don't leave anything out when tapping into their vast reserves of musical interests and influences, ensuring that each song and even each instrument contributes its own personality to the band's diverse sound.


Postman, Please Don't

Written By: Peter Lawless

Well, the postman carries a pistol
To keep those bandits away
And on the end of his cane is a crystal
So he looks to the future all day

He and his wife got nothing in common
And his kids are out on the street
His mind is stuck on that woman
The pavement smacks at his feet

Now the postman holds his head up
And that gun feels cool at his side
He tells his boss that he's fed up
This life he can no longer abide

Now he's walking down the hall
People are screaming
Terror in the walls
I hope that I am dreaming

Please, Mr. Postman
Don't shoot me
I hope that you feel better
But I need you to deliver this letter
Right now

Now the postman swings his hammer
And he's chained to the man next to him
And he dreams of buying a camera
And catching the whole world on film

But he knows his life is over
Just four walls and a concrete floor
But if he'd stop to think for a moment
He'd see it's not that different from before

Please, Mr. Postman
Don't shoot me
I hope that you feel better
But I need you to deliver this letter
Right now


Morning Party (available Feb. 25, 2011)

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