The Bearded

The Bearded


Old and blue for the new millenium. The Bearded are a high energy old time string and jug band with a knack for the hook. Original songs are seamlessly blended with wild fiddle tunes, swingin' ragtime, and soulful blues.


Birthed from the loins of Kyle Campbell’s imagination and smacked to life by a great rhythm and string band, The Bearded took it’s first breath on the WDVX Blue Plate Special in December 2004. However, the original seeds for The Bearded were planted years earlier .
A singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist heralding from Northwest Florida, Kyle Campbell was one of the founding members of the regionally popular rock band, Medicine Wheel (1993-1999). He began his love for old time and country blues while staying summers on the Yellow River with his grandparents. His grandfather grew up on the same street as Hank Williams and knew all the musician’s along the river. They would come up to Miller’s Bluff on the weekends and have a literal hoedown; spoons, washboards and all. Hearing Taj Mahal play banjo inspired Kyle to learn banjo and mandolin. His path (and wife) lead Kyle out of Florida and ultimately to Tennessee. Three days after arriving in Knoxville in 2001 Kyle met Matt Morelock, a local DJ and banjo player.
Campbell and Morelock hit it off and soon found themselves playing as a mandolin, banjo duet. They were getting a good sound but knew they needed a little more help capturing a large audience. They needed someone to lay out a hard groove.
Chris Zuhr, from Albany, New York on bass, Phil Pollard from The Band of Humans on percussion and snare, and TJ Jones Ottofish Studios engineer and arachnologist on washboard and jug.


House Sparrow

Written By: Kyle Campbell

Wonderin' where do I go? "SOUL" said the sparrow. Wanderin' where do I go?


The Bearded's first studio recording "A-No.1" was released in Jan 2006. Four songs are in heavy radio rotation at Track 4 "House Sparrow" can be found in the audio section.

Set List

The Bearded can play all night, but they typically play three 45 minute sets.


Blues In the Bottle
Whiteface Reel/Kitchen Gals
Fall From Grace/Lonesome John
Chocolate Cake
Water Bound
Benton's Dream
Several Shots of Courage
House Sparrow
Billy Goat
New Jericho Waltz
Any Old Wind That Blows
Ducks on the Pond/Sandy Boys
H alleluia I'm A Bum
Seneca Barn Dance
Tonight You Belong To Me
Falls of Richmond
Shady Grove
Freight Train
Susie Q
Colored Aristocracy
House of the Risin' Sun
Frosty Morning
Wot's Uh the Deal
Memories of a man?
Cruel Willy
Hesitation Blues