The Beasts of Eden
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The Beasts of Eden

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative


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"LA Music PipeLine Feature on The Beasts of Eden"

About The Beasts Of Eden

The moment I heard “SKIN” I was instantly up on my feet and moving! These east coast
rockers, lead by the dynamic vocals of Chris V., are a true DIY band that paid hard dues for
years and are now in full creative charge of their musical destiny. All of the music on their
EP including “SKIN” was written, performed, recorded, mixed, produced, and mastered by
the band itself. After the World Trade Center attacks, Chris V left his hometown of NYC to
attend a Music Engineering school in Florida and met guitarist Chris Boosahda.
The Beasts of Eden was born. Now based in NYC, with Jon and Carter, they have a
working band that breathes music 24/7. Although they are topical, viewing today’s world
as a volatile place, they are also escapists and enjoy having a good time!

- Eleanor Academia, DJ LA Music PipeLine, big FM

"Smother Magazine Review"

I am definitely the first to admit that I grew tired of the dance-punk trend almost exactly when it first hit a few years back. The Beasts of Eden however bring me back to my senses with their energetic powerful pop blasts of dance-punk. Great glitzy guitars are mashed up with fast hi-hats and thunderous rhythms. The bass lines thunder and roll while keeping it all together as they employ disco precision with edgy delights on the outer edges. Clever songwriting rounds it all out nicely.
- J-Sin - Smother Magazine

"It Happened Last Night"

Next, Williamsburg Brooklyn-based The Beasts of Eden endured the longest set of the night with ten cuts. Blending a kind of Cold War Kids pop with a Wolfmother drawl, the band, notably guitarist Chris Boosahda, offered epic-long chainsaw fills on beastly track, "The Wolves." took a moment with lead singer, Chris V, to see what kind of Beasts they really are. "Leopards. Because, we're still a little bit heavy. Not all the time. Kind of creeping up a bit. But when it comes time to pounce, we jump." - on CMJ Showcase

"Review: End Times by TBOE"

A Brooklyn indie-pop quartet with with a on-fire rhythm section. All six tracks on their EP End Times are little beauties with loads of elemental treats.

How Is It?

Concise and fun, mostly. The guitars change tones from atmospheric in songs like "End Times" to blustery and dirty in songs like "Skin." The overall product is a lot crisper than I would expect from a bar-hopping NY indie outfit, but the production hits the distortion and echo just right. The piano-led "Let Me Down" is a swelling heartbeat tinged with nostalgia, and the first track "Malou" is a sexy club beat. Prominent bass lines are just too hot for this to be an everyday indie-pop throwaway. - Ablsolute Punk

"Amplifier Magazine Review"

Brooklyn, NY, that bubbling hotbed of musical activity, has once again served as midwife in the birth of yet another solid rock group. The Beast of Eden's six song debut EP, End Times, is brimming with big hooks, lush instrumentation, crisp sound, and the excitement exuded by hungry musicians who finally get to show their wares to the world. The core of the band, friends Chris V and Chris Boosahda, formed a mutual admiration society after meeting at a arts/media school years ago. The two Chrises eventually found their way back to Chris V's native New York, where they cut the six tracks on End Times in his loft studio. Songs like the dreamy, "Let Me Down" and the rollicking title track evoke a slightly more serious group of writers, building songs off of fuzzy bass-lines, shimmering guitar notes, and power chords that cascade over the melodies. The musical tension on songs like "Sylvia," pitting discordant guitars against a thumping, staccato bass line, illustrates the excitement that the band is capable of. A couple of the songs, such as "Malou," are built around short guitar bursts that have echoes of the Clash, albeit in a more poppy setting. - Amplifier Magazine

"The Aquarian Review"

The place in which one is raised shapes the person one becomes. The same fact hlds true for indie bands as well, apparently. End Times reveals an act as lively, slick and eclectic as its Brooklyn home. The opening track "Malou" introduces the band at first as a hi-hat hugging group of trendy, but sophisticated 80's influenced club hoppers. The clever little devils mix it up come the 2nd track, however, revealing a more post-grunge lip-pouting sort of sound. The four remaining tracks wander through a Muse-like concoction, more 90's heavy indie, a warm acoustic track and a last hurrah featuring a mixdown by At The Drive-Ins(producer) Mike Major. When it comes to an album or an artist, diversity and complexity are high up on my list of values. The Beasts of Eden have both. Tying it all up is the key. We just might have the next indie sensation on our hands. - The Aquarian

"First Coast News Review"

The Beasts of Eden are New York's latest band of the millisecond and believe it or not, they aren't hooked on that crazy electro. Rather than burying themselves under banks of keyboards, Ableton manuals, and day glo, The Beasts of Eden do things the old fashioned way; they just play good old fashion power poppin’ rock n' roll. The songs jerk and jump while maintaining a nice degree of melodicism and accessibility. The Beast of Eden, in other words, are far from your run of the mill New York band. They don't sound like The Strokes nor Interpol, they truly are something different and that's a very good thing. End Times is a nice introduction to The Beasts. The Beasts of Eden are a band rooted in classic power pop but are unafraid to take the odd dip into 21st century indie. The result of this is a mini-album that's melodic and catchy without being overly moody or trendy; something different for New York indeed. - First Coast News

"Music Emissions Review"

The Beasts of Eden’s first LP End Times is self-proclaimed to be the answer to the revitalization of indie-dance music, presenting grinding guitars and catchy choruses on their six track debut. A cursory listen to this album—especially when expecting a synth-driven, disco influenced dance album—may leave the listener confused, but not disappointed. This is because End Times is different than the average dance-rock album; it is surprisingly layered and cannot be thoroughly enjoyed with superficial listens—the songs need to be closely examined as they embed the danceable choruses, winding guitars, and buoyant keyboards into your head. The second track “Skin” brings the aforementioned qualities to fruition; the relentless sounds of the bass guitar resound as the drums are forcefully stricken and the echoes of keyboards float through the song until it all comes to an abrupt halt.

After several listens to End Times, it becomes evident that the Beasts of Eden band belongs at BIG clubs. Their music begs to be played louder and louder, and it exhorts its listeners to move their feet—to dance, to rock, to enjoy what they hear and where they are. This is music that not only will revitalize the indie-dance music scene, but it will also rejuvenate listeners because the Beasts elude the insipid, systematic musical tendencies of contemporary music and instead create a joyous, well-crafted debut album that marks the beginning of a promising band. - Music Emissions


"End Times" (EP, Expansion Team Records)
"Skin" (7" Vinyl, Expansion team Records)
"End Times" (EP, Gift Music UK+European release)


"Malou" received UK national airplay on Steve Lamaqc's BBC Radio 2 show
"Malou" received UK national airplay on BBC Radio 1 show with Zane Lowe
"End Times" "Let Me Down" and "Malou" currently received national airplay on X-FM Satellite Radio
"Skin" has received airplay on Germany's bigFM
(#1 CHR Broadcast in Germany / Europe ) and U.S. Commercial Radio.
"Malou" and "Sylvia" received rotated on U.S. College Radio



Started in 2006 by founding members ChrisV and Chris B. The duo quickly enlisted the services of bassist Jon Shaw (toured with The Walkmen and LA's Broken West) The Beasts of Eden began its musical journey as an idea between friends who shared similar visions: catchy, hook-laden rock, focusing on melodies with dreamy atmospheric qualities, all the while grounding the dream with hard hitting rhythms and punchy guitars (yes, it's a mouthful). These guys have already began their journey with some great success: Whether it's the title track "End Times" off their debut EP being featured in a new Ford/Microsoft Sync commercial (with artists like The Strokes and Flaming Lips), their involvement with Playboy Magazine and their highly influential Rock the Rabbit 08' campaign (alongside iconic artists such as Duran Duran and Iggy Pop), or the support of BBC One radio stalwarts such as Steve Lamacq and Zane Lowe, the Beasts are making a name for themselves while doing what they love to do.