The Beat Club

The Beat Club


Along with original releases on Electrobeat and Atlantic Recs, The Beat Club has been featured in various compilations including ZYX, Champion UK and John Digweed’s AZULI among others. 2008 will see the release of MINIMALISTA follow up to 2006 ROBOTICA along with first live appearances in 15 years.


In the late 80’s as Guitarist/Producer with EMI recording group, The Voice In Fashion, Ony Rodriguez decided it was time to pursue his personal interests in the studio and started The Beat Club. What began as an ongoing “free-form” studio jam with friends, led to the international hit “Security”, and his departure from The Voice In Fashion.

Influenced by the likes of the “Miami Bass” movement, New Order and Kraftwerk, Ony’s music relied less on his main instrument the guitar and more on his love for electronics. The studio became his new performance stage with the blinking lights replacing the cheering fans.

Initially on Atlantic Records, The Beat Club was offered the opportunity to become the first recording act to be signed to New Order manager and Manchester’s Factory Record mogul, the late Rob Gretton’s own personal label robsrecords. The Beat Club went on to release several recordings in the UK resulting in the Top 75 singles “Security” (rerecorded by, and featuring New Order’s Bernard Sumner), “Dreams Were Made To Be Broken” and “X”.

“Rob allowed me to pursue my love for the studio, and the artistic freedom an independent label allowed, forever changed my attitude towards the business and defined the priorities for my career”. Upon the expiry of the contract with Atlantic Records, Ony (along with his wife, Mirey Valls) went on to start Electrobeat Records out of Miami Florida. Throughout the 90’s and 00’s, Electrobeat has released over a dozen albums produced by The Beat Club under various guises including Ony, Fuzzy Logic, Toys For The Revolution, Santa Fe and Urban Select.

In late 2006 The Beat Club released the album Robotica which included the club singles “Dream Within A Dream” and “Lost In Space”. The first quarter of 2008 will see the release of the new album Minimalista, along with a (first time in 15 years) promotional tour. “After working in the studio for so many years, I miss the live performance. I miss the immediate feedback –it is because of the complexity and expense of a live performance for a project of this type that I have stayed away from the audience for so long”.

Things have changed; technology has finally made it affordable for an independent studio artist to go on the road. With a laptop you can have virtual synthesizer stacks while at the same time running a video show. “I can finally go out and expose my music to new fans, thereby providing a direct promotional venue so essential in today’s industry”.

Minimalista will see a grittier sound, more guitars along with atonal synthesizer hits and riffs. Ambient noise and rhythms drive this new release into a new phase for The Beat Club, while always remaining true to the intensity of their high energy roots.

Along with releases on Electrobeat, Atlantic, robsrecords and ZYX records, The Beat Club has been featured in various compilations including Champion Records UK, John Digweed’s Azuli release and others.


singles by The Beat Club include:
"Security", "Dreams Were Made To Be Broken",
"X", "Transamerica", "Countdown", "Dream Within A Dream", "Lost In Space"
Albums credited as The Beat Club include:
Electrobeat introduction..., Paris, Beatmusic,
Robotica and coming 2008, Minimalista

Albums credited as produced by The Beat Club include:
Toys For The Revolution:
Beyond The Horizon
Across The Water
as Fuzzy Logic:
Gray Or Green Numbers
Mosaic Web
as Santa Fe:
To Believe In Man
as Urban Select:
White Spaces
along with various singles and 12" releases credited as "Produced by The Beat Club"

Set List

The live appearance will consist of a "DJ style, loop/laptop set" along with live synthesizers and loops and VJ visuals. The set will consists exclusively of the various singles from The Beat Club (all having received considerable club and radio play), along with some of the more popular tracks from the various productions from The Beat Club released under other project names. All which received considerable college and indy radio play. A set can vary in length from a 3 track 15 minutes appearance to a full hour set, depending on the venue's requirements.