The Beatings

The Beatings


Guitar driven art rock, in the spirit of the 80s when college rock was a genre and "alternative" usually meant something good. Often compared to the Husker Du and Mission of Burma.


The Beatings create intelligent, guitar-driven art-rock, hailing back to the early 80’s heyday of college music.
The Beatings have forged an idiosyncratic path through independent rock. DIY since their formation in Boston in 1999, they have thus far booked four national tours and released seven recordings through their imprint, Midriff Records. Neither punk nor alternative, The Beatings’ melancholic lyrics, scream-sung counterpoint harmonies and hair-raising guitar leads often earn them comparisons to Hüsker Dü, Mission of Burma and the Pixies.
In the summer of 2004, The Beatings recorded Holding on to Hand Grenades with renown indie-rock producer Paul Q. Kolderie. This was their first attempt at working with a producer, and the results were stunning: an incredibly detailed, lush and full sound that brought out the chaotic nuances of The Beatings’ noise-drenched performances.
In February 2006, The Beatings toured the U.S. for four weeks, traveling coast to coast to support their new LP. During that time Holding on to Hand Grenades charted in the top ten at colleges across the U.S. The band performed live on KEXP Seattle, was the subject of a profile on SOMA FM and are currently planning another tour for Fall 2006.


2001 - 6 Hz CD EP
2002 - Italiano CD LP
2003 - The Heart, the Product, the Machine and the Asshole CD EP
2005 - If Not Now, Then When? CD EP
2006 - Holding on to Hand Grenades CD LP
-- Holding on to Hand Grenades has been in the rotation at and so far has peaked at #9 on their charts. Tracks featured: "Feel Good Ending" "Burn Down the Jungle" "A Reponsible Person"
---The Beatings are currently in rotation at SOMA FM and are the subject of an artist profile.
---Tracks are available for streaming at

Set List

This City is Killing Me
Addicted to Freaks
Upstate Flashbacks
Stockholm Syndrome Relapse
Feel Good Ending
Brighter than Bright
A Responsible Person
SET DURATION: 30-45 min.