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the beatin's

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A lit-pop/pre-punk american band wondered what it was like to be going west in 1876, and moving to nyc in2010. Our songs re-written classics about the frontier- old & new, self-loathing & self-discovery- all re-written with potency. & spoken in the intimate shared dialogue of a man & a woman.


In the summer of 2009, Stewart Lupton and C.W, Greenwood conceived, produced, arranged and co-wrote a project called The Beatin's. A four song urban western EP is the tangible evidence of their collaboration. Entitled "A Little Give and Take," it features vocal duets between Lupton and Greenwood.

A long time ago at a place called Sarah Lawrence College, Stewart Lupton took it upon himself to become the lead singer of Jonathan Fire*Eater, an endeavor that left him dazed, dazzled and "touched " for some time. The rest of the group started The Walkmen. Lupton started sleeping. When he woke up he studied poetry at George Washington University, winning the coveted Lannan Fellowship for poetry. Lupton also fronts a band called, The Child Ballads, a name used as a moniker for the many moods, gangs, faces and sensations of song and dance. Lupton, together with Judah Bauer(Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Cat Power ), Betsy Wright, and Hugh MacIntosh (The Recoys ), recorded and released Cheekbone Hollows (POP.1/2 LIFE) in 2006 on Loog Records in the UK, later released in the US on Gypsy Eyes in 2008.

Greenwood, a D.C. artist and musician of note, as well as a celebrated chef (James Beard nominee) plays marimba, stand up bass, xylophone and keyboards on the record. She has subsequently recorded with Ryan Hunter Mitchell (The Four Horsemen) and is currently in the studio recording a project with Jessica Louise Dye (Lightfoot) and Brendan Canty (Fugazi).

"A Little Give and Take" was released by Civilian Art Projects in November 2009, as a compliment to Greenwood's solo gallery show of sculpture of the same name. The record is in a limited signed and numbered vinyl pressing, with each gatefold package fashioned into a one of a kind object with original art, photography and a special edition chapbook of poetry. all conceived and executed by Lupton & Greenwood. Colby Caldwell shot the cover photograph. A second cover was designed by artist Greg Korn from CaldwellÂ’s enigmatic portrait.
Musical collaborators on "A Little Give and Take" include Jesse Rivkin of The Child Ballads, Paul Thornley of US Royalty, Cynthia Connolly, photographer & artist, formerly of Discord Records & d.c. space and Asa Canty, eldest child of Fugazi drummer & filmmaker Brendan Canty.

The sounds of the future frontier, carved and wooed by beatings; the beatings of nature /nurture/ wings hearts & fists is available on iTunes and various other viral dispensaries. The unique instrumentation (marimbas, stand up bass, xylophone, organ, electric bass, harmonica and electric guitars) paint some pretty fisticuffs over the tired faces of Peter Paul and Mary's "Jesus Met The Woman At The Well,'" retold by Lupton and Greenwood as the story of J.C. meeting Mary Mags at the local well /watering hole / dive bar. The Greenwood / Lupton duet-conversation- conversion is a tale told for our times by unspooling minds that weave tapestries of texture and verse into such prize purses as "Time to Stop Yr Idlin," "Cool Water (brain chemistry blue)" and the Ricky nelson/dean martin tall drink of water jailhouse blues "My Rifle, My Pony, and Me." It marks Lupton's first studio return to the microphone, (as well as a newfound proficiency at harmonica & guitar) since Cheekbone Hollows. The quality of the production and arrangements shines like never before.

The Beatin's will be headlining a Hirshhorn Museum after-hours event in October and will be playing joint east coast appearances with The Child Ballads this summer.


single 2010
single 2010
EP 2009

Set List

Time to Stop Yr Idlin
Cool Water
Jesus Met the Woman at The Well
My Rifle My Pony and ME

a set is usually 30-40 minutes in a festival venue. Stewart also will read an original poem.