The Beats Between

The Beats Between

 Hatfield, Pennsylvania, USA

The Beats Between are an exciting, engaging band. We play fun songs that get the crowd wanting more. We love to play and we love to entertain for the fans.


The Band Formed in 2010 with four members Ryan Focht, Mark Brennan, Jason Higgans, and Nick Reynolds. They got together and jammed in the garage and had fun, until Mark the drummer had a stroke and the band fell apart for a while. Then after some time Mark came back from his stroke to Ryan and they got Forrest Setzer, and recorded a demo. Then Forrest became too busy to continue so Conner Wallace later replaced him, and now they make there own music and explore the world of music.
The Beats Between play alternative rock, folk rock, and some cover songs in all rock styles. Hit cover song is Don’ Say Oh Well, and the hit original is The Run Away. They have recorded their first demo and plan to have a CD called Music To The Ears out by the end of the summer of 2012. Along with a CD they plan to get gigs at bars and restaurants and host Music in the Park at Fischer’s Park.


Test, Test, Released May, 5th 2012
Into The Game to be Released August 25th 2012

Set List

Don't Say Oh Well
Wagon Wheel
Blister in the Sun
Girl Is on My Mind
Don't Say
Paradise Is a Smile
Moby Dick
The Run Away
Thats Some Dream