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The BeauBowBelles

London, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Folk Alternative




"“Their harmonies were perfect. The originals were perfect. The band was perfect.”"

This band was so talented. Two young girls on the same side of the stage playing a violin and an accordion which you don’t expect at a young age. The original material which they performed were astonishing. Half way through the set the two violin players had a little battle and I was gob smacked. It was amazing how fast they could play. The guitarist really made the band because while he was playing, he had a little bass drum which kept the rhythm going. The crowd loved The BeauBowBelles, clapping every time the song kicked in. Their harmonies were perfect. The originals were perfect. The band was perfect. Looking forward to hear their new EP. - Blood Sugar Sex Musik

"my favourite folk EP of the year"

To The Moon

Well, this is rather sweet. Proper folk with tunes, melodies, harmonies and the odd moment of fiddling heedurum-hodurum on the splendid ‘These Days’. So, a big well done to Bertie Anderson – vocals, violin, Emma Price – vocals, flutes, accordion, bells, Ros Wilks – vocals, violin, keytar and Marcus Daborn – guitar, kickdrum.
Yes, this is my favourite folk EP of the year, and if you give the video that’s down at the bottom somewhere a spin, I’m sure it will be yours too. They can do melancholic as well, as a listen to the title track will attest. And even though I don’t normally approve of things furrin, the ‘Alien Tango’ almost made me a convert.
You can download it from Amazon, or buy a real, actual CD by going to their web site. And you should. - stuart a hamilton

"The BeauBowBelles are surely destined to deliver pleasure wherever they play"

Having trained at Britain’s best opera and music schools, this London based four-piece group of multi-instrumentalist singer songwriters bring something fresh to the party with their debut EP.
From the traditional country folk hoedown of ‘To The Moon’, through the Western country lament of ‘Need Someone To Talk To’, the middle Eastern gypsy folk of ‘Alien Tango’ (‘I think my boyfriend has been abducted by aliens, and I’ve been left with this crappy imitation’  a wonderful lyric) and the folk stomp of ‘These Days’ it’s a trip that transcends genres.
Fun and entertaining in equal measures (to say nothing of being supremely talented singers and players) The BeauBowBelles are surely destined to deliver pleasure wherever they play.  Quite unique, in a Paloma Faith/Imelda May way sort of a way.  The next Jools Holland ‘Later …’ series surely beckons. - Pete Whalley

"A sensation!"

The BeauBowBelles are a unique and enormously talented trio plus one. Three highly talented women and an equally talented man. They opened the show for me at my fundraiser at the Mill at Sonning on Oct 6th and were a sensation. A huge ovation for their set. They are a hugely multi talented group, flutes, violins, guitars, drums and a piano as well as fantastic harmonising and sensational vocals. I've seen them play twice at Camden Lock and once at Sonning. I can't wait to see them again. They are just great! - Peter Egan

""loved it!""

"An ejaculation of celestial music… "loved it!" - Russell Kane, comedian

"To The Moon is a real treat of thoughtful craft and rampant imagination wrapped in an expansive and varied energy fuelled melodic boogie"

"To The Moon"
London quartet The BeauBowBelles is a refreshing treat that is hard to pin down sound wise on the evidence of their debut To The Moon EP, but with rich essences of gypsy punk, folk, country rock, swing, classical elegance, and much more conjured by the quartet of multi-instrumentalist singer songwriters into one melodic blaze of virulent fun, a description of riotous beauty is all that is needed to tempt your intrigue.
Consisting of Bertie Anderson (vocals, violin), Emma Price (vocals, flutes, accordion, bells), Ros Wilks (vocals, violin, keytar), and Marcus Daborn (guitar, kickdrum), The BeauBowBelles has earned a fine reputation for their live shows whilst breeding a strong anticipation in a great many for the release of their debut. Recorded at Soup Studios (The Kills, The Maccabees, Roots Manuva), To The Moon does not let any expectations and hopes down, in fact you suspect it leaves them breathless with its insatiable enterprise and thrilling devilry, musically and lyrically.
Finely plucked strings tease the ear as opener These Days steps into view to start things off. Soon joined by the purely tempting vocals amidst a slowly brewing romp of folk and country bred festivity, the track slips into an energetic and invigorating jig of eager enterprise which switches back and forth with a restrained narrative until stealing the floor for a raucously contagious climax where feet and emotions are enlisted in the feisty dance.
The title track takes over next emerging from a celestial beauty with a melancholic kiss to the opening string sculpted classically honed ambience. From the expressive entrance thoughts are led by wonderful provocative vocals and harmonies alongside an acoustic guitar narrative into a compelling and mesmeric evocative tale and aural caress. With a beacon of light and beauty bursting out of every direction within the song, it is a gloriously bewitching flight of imagination and scintillating craft.
The best track on the EP comes in the shapely drama and sultry mischief of Alien Tango, a song declaring an investigation all boyfriends have probably been under. The potent tango stomps over the senses with relish and incendiary invention, the vocals soaring magnificently across the passions whilst musically the song ebbs and flows through creative brilliance pulling an intensive rapture from the heart in its wake. Like a mix of Molotov Jukebox, Holly Walker, and Cate Ferris, the track is a riveting and inspiring playful frolic, a devilish ‘showtune’ which has thoughts and emotions lusting after its startling charms from the first note through it its last lingering breath.
The release is finished up by the country gaited Need Someone To Talk To and the outstanding Banger. The first of the two stomps along with big beats coring a heated canter through acidic melodies and as ever transfixing vocals, its Western Country lament an easy lie on the ear. It does not quite match up to previous songs though that is down to personal tastes in regard to anything country tainted, but the skilled composition and accomplished presentation is beyond dismissal. Its successor is another impossibly infectious stroll through a gypstep/swing bred celebration, inciting strings painting a richly hued canvas for rhythms and vocals to dance out their call upon the passions whilst the sway of the guitars and energy coats extra layers of seductive mastery upon the senses.
To The Moon is a real treat of thoughtful craft and rampant imagination wrapped in an expansive and varied energy fuelled melodic boogie. The BeauBowBelles just might be like for us your new musical best friend; certainly their EP makes the loudest invitation to that lingering link up. - RingMaster

"a charismatic live performance"

What happens when the countries most exciting young opera singers get together and a form a quirky new out?t? Well, they become talk of the town!

Having trained at Britain’s best opera and music schools The BeauBowBelles combine their funny lyrics and burlesque decadence with their incredible singing talents, making for a charismatic live performance. - KCRW Blog

"finest songwriting you will ever hear"

A five-piece, multi-instrumental, nostalgia-bedecked harmony-machine, The BeauBowBelles are authors of timeless, jazz-inflected melodramas that, in the wrong hands, might be dismissed as ‘retro’, but, thanks to their sheer style and vigour, are stunningly anachronistic, fiendishly catchy examples of the finest songwriting you will ever hear.

Though the swinging sounds of the 20’s and 30’s may be their starting point, the panache and invention with which they deliver their gleaming treasures allows them to effortlessly transcend their influences.

The focus for their wondrous muse is the incredible, close harmonies of their feminine front-line. Having been trained at some of Britain’s foremost opera and classical music schools, they combine flawless talent with crystalline tunes, and, most importantly, the ability to enthral and entertain.

Together, these four ladies and one gent are mistresses (and master) of a variety of weird and wonderful instruments. In addition to their voices, guitar, cello, flute and violin, you are liable to find them wielding such implements as keytars, stylophones, toy pianos, glockenspiels, accordions, various bells, whistles and what-not.

With this veritable cornucopia of curiosities, our intrepid, should-be-famous five craft impeccable opuses of unimpeachable opulence, from lascivious tangos to haunted waltzes, and deliciously decadent cabaret to sublime swing, all peppered with elements of classical music, folk, skiffle, music-hall and more, and lathered lusciously with heavenly harmonies.

As you’d expect, this makes for an intriguing melange, but the BeauBowBelles’ oeuvre goes far beyond being merely ‘interesting’. This is some of the most scintillating, enrapturing music our era could ever hope to produce, delivered with enough flair, drama and sultriness to render you helpless in the face of their myriad charms.

Most often, you will be able to stumble joyously across them in one of London’s classier, if cosier, venues, or perhaps at a festival (as was the revelation that greeted many a stunned punter at last year’s Glastonbury). Something else is afoot, though, as, for the moment, they have slightly reined in their normally frantic gigging rate.

‘Why’, I hear you scream in befuddled consternation. It’s alright, don’t panic, breathe… the reason for their elusiveness is actually a cause for celebration- the BeauBowBelles are recording their debut album! Crack open the champagne!

Though one cannot speculate on the full gamut of delights that will be in store, you can find the first four tracks on their website, and, needless to say, they are absolute gems, presaging something that should be utterly spectacular.

Hopefully, it will send them hurtling heroically toward the stratosphere of mass renown, but, before they set off, make sure you fully acquaint yourselves with this astounding, ineffable and utterly charming band.

The BeauBowBelles are the classiest act in town, and the only one capable of casting the dross of the modern age to the wind and transporting you through time to music’s golden age. You are strongly advised to seek them out, post-haste - Phono Vault


To The Moon 2013 

A Thing of Reality 2015 

Weightless 2019



The BeauBowBelles are a band who have struggled for 9 years with people being unable to say, spell or remember their name! For the record it is pronounced “bow bow bells” and their fans just know them as The BBBs. Recently they toyed with the idea of changing their name but decided they would rather spend their precious little time together writing songs rather than doing more admin…

So, The BBBs first came together in early 2010 as a female vintage 3 part harmony group focusing mainly on cutesy covers as well as a few original songs. Over the past 9 years the band has grown up and evolved into something almost unrecognisable from those early whimsical days.

They describe themselves as Swing Folk as their music inhabits both the story telling depth and heart of contemporary English folk with the more bawdy thumping accents of gypsy swing. All sung in beautiful three part harmony and underpinned by their classical music background.

Since they first started they’ve released two records in 2013 (To the Moon) and 2015 (A Thing of Reality) both recorded with David Holmes as well as some early singles. The last few years has seen some disruption with a line up change (original member Ros Wilks being replaced by Mitch McGugan) as well as a few births along the way. But 2019 brings the release of their first record in 4 years, which will be released series of singles starting with Weightless (01/05/2019).

"Weightless", the latest single release from The BeauBowBelles, sets a new pace and intensity for the band. "Weightless" addresses the internal struggles of an anxious mind, forever in fear of the ugly voice that only serves to undermine and disconnect you from the world.

Leaving behind the swing elements of some of their previous recordings this song is rooted in the alternative contemporary folk genre with a hint of Nordic folk but still retaining the close-part harmonies, driving rhythms and soulful melodies that they have been known for. The lyrical content is far darker and more soul baring than any of their previous songs and Weightless professes a maturity in their song writing, production and performance. Weightless was produced by David Holmes at Soup Studios, Lightship 95.

Bertie on Weightless
“I think most of us have a sense of that ugly voice that feeds your fears. It’s insidious and sneaky, tricking you into thinking everything it says is real. It’s like being gaslighted by your own thoughts. For me the anxiety has always been about performing. I used to get terrible stage fright and i would obsess about it, getting myself into such a state of terror. I was convinced I was broken, that there was something terribly wrong with me and that it was unavoidable and no one understood. When it was at its worst I would feel disconnected from everything and everyone and beyond help.”


Their harmonies were perfect. The originals were perfect. The band was perfect.
-Blood Sugar Sex Musik

"They opened the show for me at my fundraiser at the Mill at Sonning and were a sensation. A huge ovation for their set. A hugely multi talented group. They are just great!"
-Peter Egan

"The BeauBowBelles combine their funny lyrics and burlesque decadence with their incredible singing talents, making for a charismatic live performance"
KCRW Music Blog

To The Moon is a real treat of thoughtful craft and rampant imagination wrapped in an expansive and varied energy fuelled melodic boogie.
- The RingMaster Review

"A four-piece, multi-instrumental, nostalgia-bedecked harmony machine
fiendishly catchy examples of the finest songwriting you will ever hear."
- The Phono Vault

"An ejaculation of celestial music loved it!"
- Russell Kane, comedian

"Enormous THANK YOU for your brilliant performances. Fantastic music and harmonies.  It was absolutely lovely working with you, and I really hope we can work together again."
Harriet Martin, Adult Events at The London Museum.

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