the beautiful dead

the beautiful dead

 York, England, GBR

Serenely horrific fusing of audio-visual combat. Directing raw emotion, energy and ambiguity of our sound with beautiful and powerful imagery. Rage, pain, conflict, humour, violence, broken heart’s and metal from York based tragic melancholics


We are from the north of England, set in the beautiful medieval city of York, where we find a common interest in providing full on music mixed with emotion, self analysis and thought. Indeed anything goes from religion, love, art, money, sex, power and death, the path of life in general.

We pride ourselves on being inspired by the stunning backdrop that surrounds us in our environment and on our travels, using gothic architecture of our home town and its spiritual and complex history to the very fabric of contemporary England and our nation's brothers and sisters.
As a group of four very different individuals we use our collective interest's to our advantage, the outcome being one which is not contrived but honest and personalised.
Using our own expereinces, joy's and struggles to create something unique, energetic, powerful and beautiful.

Influenced by art and the aesthetics in modern living we focus on using styles ranging from horror and history to humour, illusion and literature. Equipped with tools to provide an alternative to the standard live performance, we look for the mystery and intensity of an experience to bring metal, heavy rock, gothic metal or which ever genre we cross over, to a current trend.

We are looking to give everyone something. We are looking to provide a stunning audio/visual experience that can be taken away or immortalised in a moment. We are The Beautiful Dead and we are all dead beautiful.