The Beautiful Fools

The Beautiful Fools


We are a band that believes in creating music to move others to passionately believe in hope, love, and purpose. Using introspective lyrics and catchy melodies our music creates an acoustic alternative rock sound derived from influences such as U2, Switchfoot, and Ryan Adams.


The Beautiful Fools create music that goes beyond the superficial norms of contemporary music and meets people right where they are; in the tough times, in the good, and everything in between. Based on lyrical content, they garner comparisons to bands like Switchfoot and The Fray. Stylistically, their sound is formed through a combination of collective influences including previously mentioned Switchfoot, Coldplay, Copeland, and U2, as well as various other musicians that guide each member's respective personal styles.

The Beautiful Fools' story began about five or six years ago when Casey and Brady met as juniors in high school and soon discovered their mutual passion for playing music, which became the foundation for their friendship. In the fall of 2003 Brady moved to Austin and attended The University of Texas. Casey made the move south and attended Texas State University. A couple of years later Brady met bass player Will, through a college friend. Along with a couple other musicians, the three played as often as they could; mostly performing for friends, small open mic crowds, and benefit concerts. Though they loved every second of it, they always wanted something bigger.

In the Spring of 2008 they were introduced to their producer, Ken Tondre, who also plays drums for Texas country artist Kevin Fowler. At his studio (The Compound) they tracked their first full-band EP entitled “Art of Change”. Currently they're promoting the EP in Austin and across the state, playing venues ranging from bars and coffee shops to historic Austin venues such as Stubb’s. As they write, rehearse, and perform, they rest in the fact that they're a band who composes honest music derived from personal experience and not motivated by the pursuit of fame or fortune.


Art of Change EP (2008)

Set List

A typical set lasts from 45 to 60 minutes. We have 12 originals we select from, but we are capable of including covers to extend a set to last over 2 hours. Our chosen covers are stylistically rock, pop, and folk.