the beautiful girls

the beautiful girls


band, plays music, varying from very good to amazing.


(‘06) ::
In ’06 the beautiful girls have once again circled the globe, taking their music to as many people as possible, selling out shows in the Netherlands, the U.K Canada and the U.S.
Their mid year trip across Europe (in july and august of this year) served to promote and support the release of We’re Already Gone in Germany, the Netherlands and the U.K. The band also toured thru Canada and the U.S (their seventh tour of the U.S. touring partners have included; Mason Jennings, Pepper –twice- Slightly Stoopid and Fishbone).
In the U.S. both We’re Already Gone and Water – a compilation featuring tracks from Morning Sun, good times (now no longer in production) and learn yourself – were released on cornerstone ras (home to sublime and slightly stoopid releases).

(‘07) ::
the band will be releasing its new album in may of ‘07.
the album will be released in Australia and Japan simultaneously and soon after in the U.K., the US, South Africa and Europe.

The release of We're Already Gone and Water (a compilation), in the U.S. saw the beautiful girls morph and trim their touring party slightly. In a "back to their roots" move the band, who have worked with a series of different instrumentalists (including harmonica players, a brass section and keyboardists), toured the U.S. as a three piece. They added a keyboard player for their home tours.
The ‘We're Already Gone album has enjoyed international success and raised the profile of the band considerably in the U.S. – and the response to this album there, both by the crowds and the press has been fantastic. Because of it the band have featured in ex games dvd’s (through Canada and the U.S.), full page articles and the albums (both WAG and Water), continue to sell well.

On their second attempt to get into the U.S. this year the band though, the band were stopped at the border and not allowed in. The subsequent ban will see them out of the US for a year – the band anticipate being able to re-enter the country in the summer of ‘07. The band accepted the ban though, and made the most of the time without touring commitments by coming back to aust and recording the next album.

The new album, and to be released in early to mid ‘07, will further add to the beautiful girls reputation as musical shape shifters.
It is, perhaps fuelled by the border crossing controversy, a tighter and punchier sound album.
Taking the some of the elements of reggae that the band flirted with on We’re Already Gone and combining them with an energy rush that moves away from roots and into a post punk style, nodding to influences from the clash and dexy’s midnight runners thru to the police.
The band emphasis evident on the last album is also prevalent in the new songs, although the rhythm section is sharper again than on that recording. And once again there are a series of collaborations. This time featuring keys, a brass section, a some stunning melodica.
Even though it has a mix of songs and styles (including a South African cover from the eighties), the new album is likely to be considered the bands first straight ahead album - the intensity of the performances giving it the bands strongest sense of purpose yet.


let's take the long way home

Written By: mat mchugh

Lyrics © Mat McHugh

So tired of this heavy load.
I've been carrying it for so long.
I don't know what it wants with me.
Lord, please let me be.

Rolling dice on my hotel room bed.
"Man, it feels so nice to love some one" she said.
"Cause when the evening comes I'm scared to be bad all by myself."
And I know exactly how it feels to be by myself.

And now she's singing,
"Happiness always scared me half to death.
Never had myself no lovin' to caress."
Little darling stop those tears and dry your eyes, I'm a be right here.
And I'd really love to stay tonight, if you'll have me here.

Oh, oh, oh, oh.
Little girl you know I love you so.
Let's take it easy now and simmer down.
Little girl, let's take the long way home.

the biggest lie i ever told

Written By: Mat McHugh

Lyrics © Mat McHugh

The biggest lie I ever told was when I said
" I don't love you no more"
The biggest fake you'll ever know.
Sometimes I feel it's everything I don't show.

And I'm over always thinking 'bout relationships.
Wanna let the rhythm flow and feel the bassline slip.
Leaving all that fussing and a fighting to them crazy, crazy fools.
But it's time I told you something I thing you should know.
All about why I ran away and why I let this go.
Guess I got tired of always feeling like my heart just broke.
Tired of missing you.

And I don't want to fight with you no more.
Really, how many times can we go to war?
Really, how many days do we have to waste,
before we can see that we've both made mistakes?

And I'm over always feeling like some hypocrite,
telling you things are ok when they don't feel like it.
But I'm not sure that once your heart gets broke the pieces fit
together quite the same.
So if you don't mind just for a while
I'm a keep this mess
that I call a heart, here cracked and bleeding in this chest.
Dear God I wish sometimes that we had never met.
Still, I love you anyway.

But hey, yo what difference does it make?
There's no sense in this.
No reason's I guess, gonna make it hurt less.
You know, I'll miss this absence of distance when it don't exist.
This mess, baby look at this mess.
Baby look at this mess.

... and we'll dance on the ashes of what's left

Written By: Lyrics © Mat McHugh

Guess we came up in a ghost town.
Now all those buildings have burned down.
Another price to be paid for being free.

It's getting harder to see now that the lights have all gone out.
Can't pay for the electricity.

And all along they've been saying nothing new to me.
Lately, seems right is wrong and wrong is everything we need maybe.
And still the beds are burning, burning in our sleep.
Take me away from everything I see.

There's gunshots on the dancefloor.
Please tell me what do we die for?
And by the way, yesterday, bet you were me.

Seen hard days, probably see more.
There's police at the front door saying
"by the way, yesterday, heard you were free."

And all along they've been saying nothing new to me.
Lately, seems right is wrong and wrong is everything we need maybe.
And still the beds are burning, burning in our sleep.
Take me away from everything I see.

And we'll dance on the ashes of what's left,
as long as these hearts beat in our chests.
And we fell through the railings and pavements,
while I wondered if they get what I get.
And I promise you I won't be leaving,
without taking you when I go.
See the price of belief's in believing.
Anywhere that we go we'll sing this same old song.

And we'll be standing singing.
As if it's life we're living.
As if it's blood we're spilling.
As if we're leaving here some day.

la mar (the ocean)

Written By: lyrics (c) mat mchugh

This day is getting older,
in fading light it's beautiful.
This wind is blowing colder,
and too soon I'll feel it's pull.

Still, I took all my chances,
earned myself an even score.
Try to learn my lessons well.
And I don't have the answers,
for those questions anymore.

Only love can be both heaven and hell.
So sturdy up, sturdy up your heart,
for the road is long ahead.
I'll be with you even though we're apart,
but your road is yours to tread.
And so it goes, and so it goes,
and so it goes, slows your mind, mind, mind,
mind, mind.

I've grown old on this ocean,
gave her all my stronger years.
Gave my wife my devotion,
and when she died, the ocean my tears.

I've tried to teach you well son,
all of everything i knew.
Of how to live this life be true.
Don't bow your head to no one,
and no matter what you do,
if you start then see it through


Written By: lyrics (c) mat mchugh

Sunrise, sunset.
These days i won't forget.
Celebrations of our death,
When every day she's my place to rest.

And sometimes i would,
and sometimes i could be blessed.
And sometimes i should,
and sometimes i could be less.

Strange times, strange bets,
When every wager made holds my soul in debt.
Kingdoms and Queen's forget,
While we dance our way 'til life begets.


‘02 Morning Sun, their mini-album. Periscopes was added to radio. This and most of the other songs from Morning Sun, were added to a host of surf vids and dvd’s by surf filmmakers in Australia.

’03 good times, was released as a five track limited edition cd. Sold out in weeks and the art work and some of the songs appear on TBG’s Brazilian (The Beautiful Girls), and Japanese (Water), releases.

’04 >> Learn Yourself, (released U.S., Japan, brazil Aust and benelux), is a neat combination of roots, hip-hop, reggae, soul and blues. A mash up of influences that formed celebration of life. That album (Learn Yourself), was the Beautiful Girls North American debut.

‘05 We’re Already Gone (released U.S., Japan, Aust and benelux), This album has a strong band emphasis and includes a stack of extra coloring.

'06 (in the US and Japan only) water, - a compilation of the bands first eps.

Set List

set can last up to two and a half hours >> old songs and new
>>periscopes (occasionally),
>>la mar
>>on a clear day (occasionally),
>>morning sun
>>i thought about you,
>>lets take the long way home,
>> wrong side of town
>> the biggest lie
>>shot down

>> johnny clegg's dela
>> bring me your cup
>> the occasional sublime song