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"The Beautiful Losers"

One of Tokyo’s preferred and most durable acts on the foreign pub-rock circuit are about to achieve the impossible: With their signing to Victor Entertainment, The Beautiful Losers are stepping up to the majors.

But the big break didn’t come overnight. “We gigged four, five nights a week for years,” said Canadian singer-songwriter Raj Ramayya, a day before he was to fly to India for a few weeks to study classical Indian vocal styles. “We’ve been working on this for quite a while, and it’s finally happening. This is the best year I have ever had for music,” he enthused.

A successful year it has been indeed. Not only for Ramayya, who saw an album he worked on with Japanese big beat artist Captain Funk, Song of the Siren-for which he co-wrote eight songs-be named one of Billboard’s Top 5 Asian albums of the year. But also for Ramayya’s partner in The Beautiful Losers, guitarist Brett Boyd, who penned the lyrics for Japanese melocore kings Hi-Standard’s latest, 700,000-selling album.

For the album now in the works for Victor-slated for recording this winter-Ramayya plans to enhance the Indian influences in his introspective brand of “electro acoustic east Indian country folk rock,” already evident in The Beautiful Losers’ debut EP of two years ago. To that end, the Losers are talking with UK-born, Indian keyboard guru Nitin Sawheny, who was just in town at the Blue Note, to act as producer.

Ramayya, who traces his roots to the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, plans to sing more in his ancestral tongue Telegu, a language he describes as “one of the Indian languages of music, thought to be very beautiful and flowing.”

Finally, the inevitable question: How tough is it trying to be taken seriously as a foreign musician in Japan? “At first being a foreigner was a liability, and we were labeled pub musicians,” says Ramayya. “But it has become the opposite now.”
- Metropolis

"The Beautiful Losers"

Remember when you were little and your Mom fed you some malarkey about, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?" Well, mom was right. But when you're nine years old and have a crush on the "loser boy" with headgear, it's not as easy to live by your Mom's words of wisdom (for fear of social backlash from your 4th grade class). Wouldn't it be great if schools taught that being "socially awkward" meant being "human?" It's a shocking concept, I know. Luckily we don't have to wait for legislation to pass in order to teach such compassion, because we already have The Beautiful Losers speaking out on our behalf.

Singer/Songwriter Raj Ramayya and Guitarist Brett Boyd lay it all out on the table and ask, "Are you a Beautiful Loser?" They want you to know that no matter how misunderstood you may feel in this world, you are not alone. If your heart's been ripped out by someone you love or if people think you're a little are not the only one dealing with these problems. Ramayya and Boyd go against the music grain by writing songs on the opposite end of the lyrical spectrum. What The Beautiful Losers have done is create a genre of music for the human spirit.

Ramayya and Boyd have combined their talents into a self-described "Electro Acoustic Indian Alternative Rock" and are influenced by the likes of U2, Coldplay, and The Beatles. Ramayya's intoxicating vocals matched with Boyd's magic fingers, proves quite the anecdote for the ailing human spirit. So no matter what you look like, what side of the tracks you live on, or if you wear headgear embrace your individuality...because we are ALL "Beautiful Losers!"

- Alison Manuel - The Owl Mag

"Gotta love these Beautiful Losers *****"

by Arcanica

I am a big fan of three things when listening to music:
- creativity and diversity of song types within an album
- craft and skill with lyrics and instruments
- a good sound
Steep criteria, I know. Many of the CDs I have bought this year failed them all, but The Beautiful Losers has all three, which made them my most favorite band of all time. Check out their sweet ballad “Alien Sun,” their comedic and folksy song on tough love “All Over,” and “Aphrodisiac,” a song that anyone who has ever been in a relationship with highs and lows can relate to. As short as the CD is, it is one that I can listen to over and over again given the variety of songs and peppy beat that pervades the album. You won’t be disappointed.
- iTunes Customer Review



"The Beautiful Losers" (debut release) available on CD Baby, iTunes, and our website

"The Beautiful Losers" (Japan release with two bonus tracks) Available in Japan at all Tower Records, HMV Records and

"Peace, Love, & Xmas" Available in Japan at all Tower Records, HMV Records, Disc Union and Also available world-wide on CD Baby.



The Beautiful Losers are the musical duo made up of singer/songwriter Raj Ramayya and guitarist Brett Boyd. Self-described as “electro-acoustic Indian alternative rock”, The Beautiful Losers’ music focuses on vocal melodies accompanied by electric and acoustic guitars and adds elements of traditional East Indian instrumentation and world music. TBL are influenced by classic artists as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, U2, Nirvana and Fleetwood Mac yet still represent the modern sound of artists like Travis, Coldplay, Nittin Sawhney, and Radiohead.

TBL’s live show features Ramayya and Boyd on vocals and guitars accompanied by musicians on bass, drums, violin, and sometimes the use of digital backtracks.

Recent activities include playing the Fuji Rock Festival 2005 in Japan, appearing in San Francisco at the Radio Alice Emerging Artist Showcase and the Recording Academy (Grammy) Showcase, and working with Amnesty International in their Songs For Human Rights and Rock For Human Rights events. TBL also appear frequently at Japanese animation conventions in the U.S. where they are gaining popularity in the anime community. Besides their frequent activities in San Francisco and Tokyo, TBL have also toured Seattle and have pending dates in the L.A and Orange county areas. In addition, TBL are making roads into Canada and performed at Canadian Music Week 2005.

The Beautiful Losers’ latest CD “Peace, Love, & Xmas” was released in Japan November 23, 2005 on their own Beautiful Records, and has received critical acclaim and frequent broadcast on Japanese radio and television.

Ramayya and Boyd recorded their first full-length CD in San Francisco with producer John Rewind, and it was released in Japan on March 23, 2005 by Neoplex Records and Virgin Music Japan. The album features a host of distinguished guest artists including Pete Sears (Jefferson Starship, Rod Stewart), Habib Khan (the premier Indian sitarist in North America), Bobby Black (steel guitar virtuoso for Commander Cody and Asleep At The Wheel), and Eric Gorfain (James Blunt, Christina Aguilera, Page & Plant).

TBL`s song "Alien Sun" has been featured on National Public Radio’s syndicated show "All Songs Considered" where it received rave reviews. Alien Sun is also now in regular rotation on Tokyo’s number one radio station (76.1 Inter FM), and the Alien Sun video is being in rotation on MTV Japan and Sony Music On! TV along with their second video “Fairweather Friend” from the hit Japanese TV Tokyo drama Deep Love.

Ramayya and Boyd often perform in Japan where they do various work in music. Ramayya is well known for his collaborations with Yoko Kanno having sung and written the lyrics for Strangers on the “Wolf’s Rain” soundtrack. He also sings “Ask DNA” and penned the lyrics for “Cosmic Dare” on the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack, and is credited with voice acting work including the Biohazard game “Heroes Never Die”.

Boyd’s work in Japan includes producing and writing lyrics for artists such as Japanese punk super heroes Hi-STANDARD and Hawaiian 6. He is also the guitarist for the Japanese digital hardcore band Wiggle, which is known for their eccentric pieces created for the TV ad campaign which launched Toyota’s revolutionary bB car (Scion XB in North America).