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The band is a mix of multiple genres and ideas that creatively come together to create the entity that is the beauty fire. The name represents thier abilty to change, adapt, manipulate, destroy and create using there instruments and skills.


Ambient and aggressive, menacing and melodic, The Beautyfire would just as soon punch you in the face as kiss you goodnight—depending on how you like it.
Long-time musicians and friends formed The Beautyfire in 2006 to create a whole new sound, infusing heavy, effect-based melodies, low end distortion and pounding drums with haunting yet powerful female vocals.
“In the beginning, we treated our music like a chemistry set, blending in elements and experimenting with sound. We were happy with the direction of our music—it just needed a voice,” recalls bassist Mikel Faulk. “When we first worked with Jordan (Davis), it was clear she was the voice of The Beautyfire immediately.” Classically-trained Davis was the missing piece: Her honey-smooth vocals gave the music contrast and complexity.
The Beautyfire fuses influences from bands such as Portishead, SigorRos all the way to bands such as August Burns Red and Once Nothing creating a sound of their own to captivate audiences. No aural facet is left untouched.
“First and foremost, we wanted to make music that we’d want to hear,” says guitarist Davis Shinn. “We’re making something that no one has done before, but everyone can relate to, and get something out of.”
“It’s important for us to make a big impression on everyone out in the crowd”, says vocalist Jordan Davis. “If the audience is feeling our sweat soaked, bruised and battered catharsis as much as we are on stage, we know we’ve done our job.” Mikel Faulk added “How can the audience have fun if the band isn’t even giving it their total effort?” stated Josh Perlinski.
Constantly working on new material and refining their sound, the band recently
recorded new album, 'Free To Walk but Not to Roam'. Enlisting the talents of new drummer, Josh Perlinski. Also adding tonal depth enlisting Lane Garant as second guitarist.


(2006) - The Beauty Fire: Self-recorded demos.
(2007) - The Beauty Fire: Self titled EP
(2008) - Free to Walk but Not to Roam
Across Michigan, The Beautyfire continues to receive glowing praise, with radio features on Detroit’s 101 WRIF, Windsor’s 89X CIMX, and Flint’s Banana 101.5 and shining print reviews, including a nod from the Metro Times and Real Detroit.
Our songs can be heard online:,,

Set List

1. Vitamin X
2. Lucky
3. Insomniatic
4. In Theory
5. Beautiful Corpse
6. Waltz
7. Process
8. A Place Called Today
9. Superlie
10. Think about it Dan

Our full set list can range in time of about 45-60 minutes.

Our typical set list consists of all original songs. Though we been known to do our version of a cover once in a while. We try to place songs on our set list in a correct order as you would on an album to build a mood for the listener.