The BeckTaylor Band

The BeckTaylor Band

 Wolcott, Connecticut, USA

The BeckTaylor Band is the songwriting/recording vehicle of Bob Taylor and Wendy Beck Taylor. Using nationally recognized talent as well as local Connecticut talent they have created an album of blended pop/rock/acoustic material with a spiritually lyrical content that is melodic and moving.


Nestled in the quite town of Wolcott Connecticut, Bob & Wendy Taylor have been writing music together for nearly 20 years. Their music is a reflection of their beliefs and lifestyle. In their private recording studio, surrounded by long term friends and some of the finest musicians, as well as engineer and co-produce-Joe Miko, they bring their music to life. Our intention has been to create music, song by song, that moves with passion and delivers an uplifting message. Music is our way of communicating a much greater and deeper truth that lies within. If a listener feels better after listening to our music then we have accomplished our goal...if a listener is awakened to something higher then we have answered our call. "We want to be both entertaining and inspiring", explains Wendy. "There is so much negativity in the world today everywhere that you turn. If we can provide a few minutes of inspiration or deliver a positive message then perhaps somewhere it will make a difference...someone has to try". "Message of Love" is only the start of our mission...much more will follow.


Only Love

Written By: Bob Taylor & Wendy Beck Taylor

“ Only Love”

Did you imagine
That things turn out this way
What started as a simple plan
Has seemed to have gone astray

You never took the time
To think the whole thing through
Now the walls are tumbling down
You don’t know what to do

Only love- can get you through all right
Only love- can make the wrongs all right
Only love- can really show the way
Only love can get you through
Only love can get you through
Only love

You didn’t want to listen
To what those around you said
You closed your ears and blinked your eyes
And moved on straight ahead

And now you’ve found yourself
Where you didn’t want to be
The wheels will just keep turning ‘round
‘Till something sets them free

And if you ever find
The going kind of hard
Just remember where you’ve been
And how you go this far
Love is always speaking
Just keep an open heart
And there you’ll find a guiding hand
There you’ll find the start

Only Love
Bob & Wendy Taylor

Bob Taylor-lead vocal, 6 string acoustic guitars, bass
Wendy Beck Taylor-vocals
George Edwards- drums
Brad Cole-keyboards
Bob Thompson-electric guitar, solos
Luis Conti-percussion
Keri Emons-background vocals

Carried Away

Written By: Bob Taylor & Wendy Beck Taylor

“Carried Away”

I’m carried away by the sound of your voice
It echoes wherever I go
I’m swept off my feet by the look in your eyes
That look I’ve come to know
Ooh ooh ooh

I’m sent in a daze when you take hold my hand
And lead me to greater heights
I know deep within that I’ve found what it takes
To finally reach paradise
Ooh ooh ooh
Love’s taking hold

You came into my life
With a love so real
I didn’t expect anymore
But you sparked my fire
Now I’m filled with desire
I’ll never need anything more

I’m carried away and I know where I’m bound
A place that I’ve not ever seen.
I know you’ll be there with your heart in your hands
And it matters not where I have been
Ooh ooh ooh
Love’s taking hold

Love’s taking hold of me
Won’t let go of me
I hope you’re feeling it to.
Let’s give it a chance
It may lead to romance
That’s something we both could now use

I’m carried away and off on a spree
We may never again touch the ground
With the wind at our backs and our hearts open sail
It looks like we’ll never come down
Ooh ooh ooh
Love’s taking hold
Ooh ooh ooh
Love’s taking hold

Just Can't Stop Thinking About You

Written By: Bob Taylor & Wendy Taylor


Another Sunday afternoon and I’m
Laying in the tall grass thinking about you
Watching clouds as they roll by
Wishing you were here so I could hold you tight

My heart beats only for you na, na
My heart beats only for you

I see your face every time I close my eyes
I can’t wait to feel you kissing me
Of all the wonders in this great big world
There’s none greater than my love for you

Just can’t stop thinking about you
Just can’t stop thinking about you

Endless Love

Written By: Bob Taylor & Wendy Beck Taylor


You know it doesn’t end when I say good-bye
It just doesn’t stop because I didn’t try
It doesn’t wash away with the drop of a tear
This endless love, you’re still here

It won’t go away when I am alone
You know it won’t leave when I hang up the phone
It won’t disappear although I’ve set it free
This endless love, you’ve got a hold on me

And though I’ve pushed you away from me
You’ve got a hold of my heart
And I can’t break free

You know it won’t fade although I may stray
It won’t ever leave even if I don’t stay
It won’t even change with distance or time
This endless love, you’re still mine


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Set List

Our set list is currently the entire album with some newer material being added all the time.