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The Be Colony

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Psychedelic




"Just Be: A Conversation with The Be Colony"

The Be Colony may be a young-ish group of guys, but they don’t sound it. If you see them live, or check out their Bandcamp page and listen to the two tracks they have on there these Fort Wayne dudes sound like a group of well-seasoned rock and rollers. Epic jams and psychedelic flourishes permeate the noise these guys create. Just close your eyes and get lost in a track like “A Vacant Sea”, a track that buzzes and squeals like a cross between Blue Cheer, Band of Gypsies, and even early My Morning Jacket. The Be Colony have been dabbling in the good stuff and want to share... - Complex Distractions

"6 Records CMM Wants You To Know"

The Be Colony "Settling Down" Single (

"Settling Down" is a brilliant piece of psychedelic pop from Fort Wayne Indiana band The Be Colony. It's go go beat and laid back bass line set the tone while the spaced out vocals show off a dynamic range and top notch quality in the vein of Tommy James & The Shondells. The guitar leads only add more favorable textures with their bursts of blistering fuzz and shimmering echo. Think ?Mark & The Mysterians, Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels and The Delta 72. One of those songs that just feels great to sing along to. - Custom Made Music

"The Be Colony- No Matter What We Listen To, We Want to Be Psychedelic"

An on-air conversation with Becca Malott on WCYT. - The Point 91

"1st Select UP on Bands of The Day with The Be Colony"

The Be Colony are an exceptionally thundering atmospheric rock n’ roll, hailing stateside out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. These glowing ‘loud and proud’ rockers absolutely captivated my ear rock module orbits with extraordinary genre voltages of blues/psychedelic/classic and alternative rock. The entire musicianship stances were nothing less than exceptional with ‘screaming & beaming’ guitar riff mastery skies, ‘flowing and glowing’ vocal radiances that oozed 60’s/70’s rock n’ roll ‘coolness’ persona alongside a wicked rhythm pack that was fantastically ‘sailing and wailing’ out the big groove rock measures throughout. This is a splendid ‘up & coming’ rock group and I ‘wholeheartedly’ feel that loyal rock n’ roll appreciators around the globe will find room in their own ear rock catalogs for these sensationally talented cats, ‘class band’ all the way!

The Be Colony will be very admirable listening to fans of: alternative rock, atmospheric rock, classic rock n’ roll charm, blues rock, psych rock.

Genre: Alternative Rock
From: Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S.A.
Main Link: - FORKSTER

"Local Acts to Perform at Middle Waves"

The Be Colony
The Be Colony is one of the newer acts playing at Middle Waves, having been around for only a year and a half, according to band members Atticus Sorrell (lead guitar), Wes Johnson (bass) and Jacob Terhune (rhythm guitar). They are excited for the festival and happy to be part of the local music scene.
“Fort Wayne is really hip, and it’s gonna get more hip,” Sorrell said. “I feel like, especially with the younger generation, there’s a lot of cool people trying to do some great things around here and we have some awesome venues like the Brass Rail and CS3.”
The Be Colony is a five-piece psychedelic rock band that will be performing on Saturday, Sept. 17th, at 8 p.m. on the St. Joseph stage at Middle Waves. This set is open to the public and does not require a ticket.
Terhune explained that the name “The Be Colony” came from the collaborative effort that it takes to keep the band running between the musicians involved and their surrounding friends.
“The verb to be is just to live and we’re like a family living in my basement,” Terhune said.
“It’s just a simple fact of life…You can’t have your head too far in the past. You can’t always be looking into the future,” Sorrell said. “You have to live for the now. You just have to be here.”
The Be Colony’s music can be found at - The Communicator

"Band of 'Be' Brothers"

None of the five members of the Be Colony is older than 24, and yet they are all talented and creatively confident beyond their years.
For confirmation of this assertion, stream the album Mystic Morning at the band's website.
Mystic Morning features six assertive forays into acid-washed soul and dreamy jangle pop, among other mesmerizing stylistic conglomerations.
The Be Colony are adept at whipping up savory, multifaceted sonic stews. There isn't a weak cut on the album. Each track grabs the listener and does so in a unique way.
Lead vocalist and guitarist Atticus Sorrell said the band's musical influences are wide and deep.
"We all come from different places," he said. "We all really like psychedelic music. We all really like 60s rock and 70s rock, the harder stuff. Me and (drummer Bray Coughlin) in particular like funk and soul music and the Stax stuff and the more acid jazz stuff and the electric Miles Davis stuff."
The band calls what it does "psychedelic groove music," Sorrell said.
"Because we like to play rock music and we also like to play kind of groovier stuff too," he said. "We want to meet in the middle. We don't want it to get too funky, and we don't want to be head-banging all the time."
The Be Colony are ever evolving, Sorrell said.
"We are always trying to listen to new music," he said. "We're always trying to branch out and expand our influences."
Sorrell and Coughlin came to the band from Soft N' Heavy. The band also features Wes Johnson on bass and brothers Jacob and Zac Terhune on guitars and vocals.
Johnson said the band's name was inspired by the 2009 album, Broadcast and The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age, a collaboration between the British bands Broadcast and The Focus Group.
"Broadcast and The Focus Group have a special place in the hearts of most of the members of the band,' he said. "We all find the name relatable in many ways. We are advocates of living in the now, being here in this present moment. The "colony" aspect of the name is also something we clung to right away, as we've had help from offstage members since the beginning, and that's something we've really seen grow the longer we've been together."
The highlight of the band's existence thus far, Johnson said, was performing at the inaugural Middle Waves Music Festival in September.
"It was great to be a part of something so awesome for the Fort Wayne music scene, especially in its first year," he said. "There was a really cool vibe in the air at the fest, and our set in particular went really well. A lot of our friends came out to support us, and our light team, Newman's Psychedelic Liquid Light Show, put on their best light show yet."
Sorrell and Jacob Terhune are on the verge of graduating from the University of St. Francis with degrees in music technology (Sorrell's focus is on music business and Terhune's is on engineering and production).
The band's members intend thereafter to spend a lot more time on the band.
Sorrell is in favor of gradually expanding the Be Colony's geographical reach while Terhune just wants to get out of Fort Wayne as soon as possible.
Sorrell is an advocate of "testing the waters."
"You go out west and the price of everything triples," he said. "We don't want to go out there and try it and just suddenly be totally broke."
In this age of streaming music, the band defines success in modest terms.
"I don't even care if we make lots of money," Terhune said. "I just want people to listen."
"I don't ever see myself becoming some rich, famous rock star," Sorrell said. "But paying the bills, or at least paying part of the bills, would be just great."
"I guess that's success right there," Terhune said. "Not having to work a day job." - Whatzup! Magazine



Amidst the reeking haze, there is a pulse...Not just a pulse, but a texture. Its deepest tones begin to rumble, inviting new layers that scream to the heavens before diving towards chaos. Now that all known laws of creation have been dismissed, the thing can BE, being; the sounds of freedom - high and true.

​The Be Colony's five members employ multiple guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, and unique vocal harmony to create a deeply individual sound. While many soulful, psyched out, and downright adventurous influences can be recognized and appreciated, the compositions stand alone in their energized innovation and modern potency. Masterfully interlocked melodies guide the songs,carrying your ear to unexpected yet perfectly suited resting points. Musical appreciation aside, this is no symphony orchestra. Roaring amps will not be tamed, and the steps of dancers shall shake the Earth for miles! Then, ideally, this shared groove can elevate the art-form to its fullest extent.

The Be Colony is a five piece psychedelic groove band hailing from Fort Wayne, IN. It is comprised of Bray Coughlin (drums), Wes Johnson (bass), Atticus Sorrell (guitar/vocals), Jacob Terhune (vocals/keys/guitar), and Zac Terhune (guitar/keys). Since forming in February 2015, the band has had five releases that expertly combine psychedelia, early 70's rock, and soul with touches of funk, jazz, neo-psych, and hip hop. Their newest release, Extinct EP, is available now on their website.

"This is a splendid ‘up & coming’ rock group and I ‘wholeheartedly’ feel that loyal rock n’ roll appreciators around the globe will find room in their own ear rock catalogs for these sensationally talented cats, ‘class band’ all the way!"  - FORKSTER,

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