The Bedsit Infamy

The Bedsit Infamy


the bedsit infamy didn't rise from the ashes of any sort of scene. it was born for a love of all things music: from disposable pop to ambient drones, addictive melodies to noise and back to bacharach, the bedsit infamy strives to write the classic song everyone knows by heart.


Billy Armijo formed The Bedsit Infamy after several of his other bands had lost their way. Determined not to give up, Billy put together a project studio in Kiowa, Colorado, and recorded and played his own songs which were given away to friends.

After a handful of self-released EP's, Billy started collaborating with Brad Turner on bass, fleshing out some newer ideas; these songs would result in the self-released EP "From Me To You, From You To The World." One song on the EP, Appleby, would land the project in the loving arms of Banazan Records in California. Banazan Records would offically release the EP which led to college radio stations such as KSMC in California giving "From Me To You, From You To The World," regular airplay.

Banazan Records lady in charge, Ruby Banazan, had this to say about The Bedsit Infamy:

"I first heard The Bedsit Infamy on a mix CD made by Denise (Gusto, Oh Dark Thirty). I instantly fell in love with the song "Appleby." This EP has been patiently waiting for release for almost six months and it is a pleasure to finally share it with the world.
There's something really special about the care that was put into the songwriting and recording. It is perfectly crafted pop with just the right amount of reality thrown in to keep it from floating away.
What else can I say? It's really great."

The Bedsit Infamy has made a few fans along the way and has recently recorded an album. "Lungs, My Heart. Blood, My Stomach," was recorded from 2oo4 to 2oo7 in Kiowa and Denver CO. It was mastered by Alan Douches of West West Side Music in New York and is currently at Banazan HQ waiting for its release.

Billy loves everything from Jaou Gilberto and Burt Bacharach to the behind the scenes work of influential recording engineers such as John McEntire of Tortoise, Tim Green of The Fucking Champs, and many others. The Bedsit Infamy places a high premium on catchiness and unforgettable melodies, with a flair for experimenting in the studio. Loving both the writing and recording process, The Bedsit Infamy looks forward to taking the future of pop music further and further!



Written By: Billy Armijo

don't cover your eyes,
i don't think the sunrise is too bright.
as far as harvard girls go, i think you're all right.
oh, the things i'll do just to catch your eyes.

don't cover your face.
put that book down and tell me about your life.
a first grade teacher and once a wife.
tell me, tell me, what was it like?

don't cover your smile
i can tell that you're lonley and you're bored.
i want to make you feel all that you're worth.
these things i say, i say, just to catch your eyes.

oh, rosemary, could i ever be, your edward appleby?

i checked out his book (your writing is on the pages)
it was a long time ago

oh, rosemary, you're husband had a imagination,
but now he's gone

oh rosemary, could i ever be, your edward appleby?


The Bedsit Infamy has released one EP on Banazan Records, Catalog Number Ban 014

From Me To You, From You To The World.

The Bedsit Infamy, "Lungs, My Heart. Blood, My Stomach." LP. Banazan Records '08.

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Set List

Setlist is whatever we feel like at the nite. Since we are unknown, we try to captivate as quickly as possible by playing energetic, fast sets with the catchiest songs we have.