The Beeps

The Beeps

 New York City, New York, USA

alternative pop, heavily influenced by cinema of the 1960's (Spaghetti Westerns, Italian spy flicks, "B" films), deep, dark, moody, and fun. We are from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and New York City.


Recent news:

** selected as one of Spin's top undiscovered bands March 2009 **

THE BEEPS is a synthesis of the experiences of five people born in three different countries at roughly the same time. At their inception they shared among them a common appreciation for international film scores of the 1960's, particularly spaghetti westerns and spy films, which served as a perfect jumping-off point with an absolute quality that spans cultural and language barriers.

Since their founding one evening at an art opening in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, their connection with cinematic and visual art remains. Today The Beeps are known about New York as a group of musicians who deliver cool, dark, evocative music that plays well with the images on screens or in one's mind.

With influences ranging from Ennio Morricone to Johnny Cash and Tom Jobim, to Joy Division, The Rolling Stones and Nick Cave, the music of The Beeps is easy on the ears, yet hard to place; they are truly in a world of their own making.

Their heavily cinematic influences garnered them placement in Paul H-O's film "Guest of Cindy Sherman" (Tribeca Film Festival, Spring 2008) and two grammy nominations in 2004 (Best New Artist, Best Album).

Now set to release their second LP after a 3 year journey into film scoring and composition, the band's new music is even more firmly rooted in the rich textures of an old fake movie plot. The concept behind the record, tentatively entitled "9" is visions of the future, which are deeply rooted in the past (which was once the present). The record is deliberately temporally confused and magic numbers recur throughout the lyrics as a reminder of their total meaninglessness outside of the context of the meaning we give them. The music is written to evoke a story, your story perhaps, your mirror -- the orchestration, rich and imaginative, reminds us of something, yet remains modern in its collage-like self-consciousness.

Also featured on this record is a change in direction from the lounge-based 60's focus of "Music For Awkward Situations" (Best Album nomination, 2004) to a more symphonic sound through the use of wind and string instruments. These rich textures, coupled with lyrics that carry with them confused musings on time, place, and identity create a fictitious prism, dotted with the past, through which we might be able to visit our own visions and inventions of the present and future.


Man of The Future

Written By: Sue K.

It's party 1999
in 1984
2001 a total bore
real life it was all guts and gore
you think you've got it first?
tell us how it will work
show us how it will look!

Financial analysts
the numbers gleam in gold.
I like the art of fate,
show us a magic date.
We'll forget how we smell.
We'll forget how we live
We'll forget how we are.

Man of the Future
Hope of all mankind.

My future, future man
will show us all he can,
he lives inside your mind
and there he's sure to find
the one trajectory,
the way we'd go if we
did not change anything.

Man of the Future
come to save the day
Man of the Future, when you finally arrive -

Space Time

Written By: Sue K.

And now we
begin our descent
tray tables up
and seatbelts fastened please
our dreams with the clouds
just came and went.
it's funny when they served the drinks
they didn't mention it.

The pilot calls the steward to the front
(the midwife and the night nurse),
she smiles as she passes and she winks her eye,
I hope you have enjoyed your ride!

It's time for
the landing
the future
somewhere in the air below.

The world is like paper.
We write our lives in love and loneliness,
and happiness flies off the page
like butterflies,
a sheet of monarch red,
dusted black to rest our eyes.

It's time for
the landing
the future
somewhere in the air...

Room 9

Written By: Sue K.

The mirror wastes her
it calls her "darlin'"
it has a switch,
she turns it on
the images move faster now
she talks to every one
she talks to everyone.
she mumbles softly
the neighbors never wonder.
That's a convenience of the old hotel.
And when she visits
The ghosts are hers,
she brings her own,
she's packed them in her bags.

Climb the old stairs slowly
You're not sure what you'll find there
in the center of the hall
she's in Room 9
Room 9.

The scene unfolds here:
you've hid inside a closet.
It's been so long you lose the time,
and at the moment you think
she might forget,
you finally meet again.
But she's grown tired of all the different faces,
and how the landscape changes
every hour of the day.
She's left you there.
The ghosts are yours.
To keep or pack away.

Climb the old stairs slowly
You're not sure what you'll find there
at the center of the hall
She's in Room 9
Room 9

Climb the old stairs slowly
you won't find her there this time.
She's not there.
She's not there.
She's not there.


LP -- Man of the Future, release date April 2009

LP -- Music For Awkward Situations -- released late 2003

Radio play:

currently streamed on internet radio: and

CMJ top 30 of about 30% of the 50 or so college radio stations that received our LP, "Music For Awkward Situations".

Airplay on XM radio as well.

Spin's undiscovered artist compilation and radio series

Set List

Our typical set list:

Man Of The Future
Tell Me
Surf's Up
We'll Keep The Peace
Deep Down
Spaghetti Western
Space Time
Superman and Lois Lane
Two or so covers

Our sets usually run 35-40 minutes