The Beethoven Frieze

The Beethoven Frieze


Classic schizo-pop marking the end or beginning of a new decade. Sophisticated, intuitive lyrics wind through heavy pop with steeply ascending and descending guitar progressions. The Beethoven Frieze play in a dreamtime world, and create beautiful symbolist psych pop.


Invented and maintained by Jim Bravo and Mandy Mintz. After a few boisterous millenium-period incarnations, The Beethoven Frieze officially entered the picture with the release of "Dutch Concert" in 2001. The group's members bring their appreciation for rock, punk, folk and psychedelia.


The latest full length album has not been officially released as of yet but is ready - TBA.
Roofhopping EP---August 2003
Absolutely Mutely-November 2002
Dutch Concert EP-October 2001
Radio play includes Toronto stations CKLN, CIUT and 102.1 The Edge and in Hamilton as well.

Set List

1. Heavy Weather
2. Ladder of Old Stunts
3. Oil and Water Minds
4. Prolific Spinster
5. Lunar Observers
6. Geometry Child
7. Skyed
8. Buzz Buzz
9. Scaffold
10. Land Masses
11. Absolutely Mutely