The Beggar Folk

The Beggar Folk

 Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

The Beggar Folk's blend of acoustic finger-picking, warm harmonies, unique storytelling, and stirring instrumentation have all lead to the their recent popularity in the world of folk music.


The Beggar Folk are Josh and Trista Lamb, a band of folk singer-songwriters from Lancaster, Pa. Their music is mellow and intimate…finger-picking, warm harmonies, thoughtful lyrics, and a fierce love for both man and creator have all lead to their ability to stir their listeners. Their distinct blend of modern folk+old country lends a natural avenue to their strong storytelling and minimalist roots.

Classically trained and seasoned instrumentalists, additions Taylor Brandt (violin), Meredith Shaub (violin), and Allison Farris (cello) bring new depth to The Beggar Folk’s emotionally driven writings. Their ability to personally connect with each song and translate lyrics to strings is both rare and highly moving.

Their self-titled debut album was recorded at Folktowne Studio in Manheim, PA. Teaming up with long time producer Steven Courtney, they decided to record the entire album live in order to create the same breath that their songs hold during the band’s live shows. With the highly anticpated release of their first album, The Beggar Folk have created a monument to just how powerful a song can be when it’s given the time to mature.


The Beggar Folk's self-titled debut album was released on January 8th. They are currently in the midst of a nationwide radio campaign through Tinderbox Music and have been touring extensively to promote the album's release.

Set List

Mostly songs from our album, but we mix in some new songs as well as a few covers here and there.