the believers

the believers


“What Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Three might have sounded like if they’d jammed with The White Stripes.” - [David Burke, Rock n Reel Magazine, UK]


THE BELIEVERS have a serious love for old school country music - they can’t help it if they were raised on punk & folk. It was that very love that prompted a move from their hometown of Seattle to their current stomping grounds of Nashville, Tennessee.

Founding members Craig Aspen & Cyd Frazzini share a broad scope of influences from The Louvin Brothers to The Clash to Steve Earle to George & Tammy, all coming together to create a Country Soul sound with the urgency of a great rock record and all the intimacy of your favorite Neil Young or Bob Dylan records. Such a sound has earned them praise from the likes of Buddy Miller, Jim Lauderdale and the BBC2’s Bob Harris who simply declared them “Brilliant.”

Now, with three albums under their belt and a career spanning almost a decade
THE BELIEVERS seem stronger than ever, having recently toured Europe with Grammy winner Jim Lauderdale and in the States with Folk /Rock/Zydeco phenomenon Donna the Buffalo. “We’ve always considered ourselves a rock band with a country problem, says Aspen, but now we’ve gone and soaked up all those influences too. Hopefully we don’t develop a Zydeco problem on the next record. But you never know.”

Of their latest release ‘Lucky You’ , Britain’s Rock n Reel Magazine wrote
THE BELIEVERS are “What Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Three might’ve sounded like if they’d jammed with The White Stripes.” That sounds about right to Cyd Frazzini who smiles and says, “I hope we can always come across that dangerous.”


Row - 2002
Crashyertown - 2005
Lucky You - 2009

Set List

THE BELIEVERS will be performing songs mostly from 'Lucky You', but will also feature songs from 'Crashyertown' & 'Row' as well as the oddball Dylan or Judas Priest cover.