The Bella Birds

The Bella Birds

 Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

The Bella Birds focus on an act with seductive harmonies, creative instrumentation and clever arrangements.


"The Bella Birds continue to develop their signature indie-folk style with seductive harmonies, creative instrumentation and clever arrangements" especially most recently. The Bella Birds have been working on the release of their second full length album, which promises nothing less than to tingle the ears and excite the soul. Look for the new album this summer!
Zack Root and Pam Craven are the founding members of an indie folk rock, rather a genre-defying band from Lowell, MA. Zack and Pam met while attending UMass Lowell. After discovering a mutual lust for quality music, the two combined their efforts and become a duo. They soon discovered that in addition to their love of music, they shared a unique ability to adopt tragically difficult to remember names, but nothing could stop these two, and soon an accord was reached and they became The Bella Birds!!! With the recent addition of their friend Chris Forgione on drums, the music has gained new depth.

Not much can be said about The Bella Birds that could not more easily be discovered from giving a fair listen. That being noted, the group has been focusing on an act with catchy melodies, tight vocal harmony, unique and sometimes unorthodox lyrics, and a hopelessly strange sense of humor. The Bella Birds can sometimes be found at venues such as Club Passim, PCA, T.T. the Bears, Ella Bellas Cafe, and Black Moon, though more often can be seen in and around the generous harbor of noted Lowell venues such as the Eggroll Cafe, and Brew’d Awakening Coffeehaus, where the group has made home.

The Bella Birds have released a full-length album, "If You Don't Mind," while previously releasing two EPs: "Uke Can Do It," "Still Awake," and the live album, "Live from the Fallout Shelter 91.5 WUML" The Bella Birds are currently touring their way through New England, with energy and excitement fueled by the nearly finished second full length album!


EP: Uke Can Do It! early 2008
Still Awake early 2009
Full Length: If You Don't Mind March 2009
Live: Live at the 119 Gallery June 2009
Live from the Fallout Shelter WUML 91.5

Set List

Departing Hymn
Never Came
Light up all you can
Tomorrow Tomorrow
Darling Dear
Miles and Miles