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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Band Rock Punk


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It's hard to throw a label on this because everyone has their own opinions of what is what, but I will say the Bella Bombs 10 track debut CD is the best thing I've heard since Norwegian girl rockers Mensen, if that gives you an idea. Amazing sound production, musicianship and songwriting…I can't believe that they haven't been scooped up by a big indie, or even a major for that matter (heads up labels!) Hailing from Ottawa, the place that brought you the greatness like the Million Dollar Marxists, Ren and Stimpy and the art of Dave Cooper, the Bella Bombs make the list as well.

Dirty Donny
Gearhead Magazine
Issue 16

- Gearhead Magazine


The Bella Bombs are a four piece Rock N Roll band from Canada influenced by the likes of The Avengers, D.O.A., Girlschool and Vice Squad. Their brand of Rock N ROLL is fast and furious and this can be seen throughout all ten tracks on this album. It's fair to say all four contribute some real great musicianship and passion to make this the album that it is. There's not one duff track on this album but ones that stand out for me are 'Super Glue Beauty Queen', 'Just Because You Can', 'Why?' and 'Fake It'. As well as having a gproduction is also spot on. I highly recommend you give this album a listen. Rating: 9.5/10

Street Voice UK Music Magazine
- Street Voice UK Music Magazine


December 2006 - #4

Ottawa's Bella Bombs are so dedicated to performing live that they view getting their van crashed into outside a Toronto venue as a minor inconvenience before a show, and will happily suffer through a harrowing moment of traffic dodging by their drummer -the aptly named Suspect Device- for a plate of Jager shots.

"I waited for the tow truck, settled everything there, then went on stage, picked up my guitar, played, put it down, went outside and sat on the tow truck afterwards waiting for the rental", explains guitarist E-Bomb, whose truck's rear end got destroyed outside of the Bovine Sex Club. The whole band agrees that the vibe achieved through a great live performance will beat out all the anxiety in the world, just so long as you feel you've put on a great show. Holy shit, what a refreshing perspective.

These days, the music business is unbearably packed with commercial appeal -or what passes for appeal- over content, and it's just plain sobering to hear a band enthralled with the prospect of putting on a good show over marketing their product. The Bella Bombs have done that in spades all over Ontario and Quebec, also gracing the stage at North By Northeast and Canadian Music Week (NXNE and CMW, for all you acronese lovers), over the span of the last 3-plus years. One has to wonder why, then, they had never put a release together. The word is always that festivals won't take out of town bands without label support or at least a demo, but the Bella Bombs have been doing fine scoring road gigs. "We just weren't ready", says bassist Turbo-bomb. It wasn't until they solidified the line-up with a new drummer -the aforementioned Device- that they were set to fulfill the demand that had been growing.

And fulfill it they have. After changing some song structures and, in the process, adding a new-found energy to the song-writing process, the band sequestered themselves in Yogi's Meat Locker with Paul Granger -they had the honour of being among the first to test out the space and dubbed it "the Bomb Shelter", which unfortunately didn't stick- in order to sate the hounding cries of their fans and silence the whining masses once and for all. The recording process was not without its hardships, as one track simply vanished, had to be re-recorded, then vanished again during the mastering process, not to mention the breaking of a drum pedal to add to the ordeal. So when you're holding the finished product in your hands and listening to No One's There, remember that it almost never was.

It's taken them a long time to get to this point and, although the album is slated to come out in mid-January, the Bella Bombs are not a band that likes to remain idle. They've already played 6 shows this fall -the latest of which was an opening slot on the Harshey CD release bill- and still have one more planned before the record drops. They just like playing live that much, and value the friendships they make with every band on the road. Never mind that they had to pay an unexpected visit to Songbird Music in Toronto when promoters informed them that the backline amps did not include distortion. Nope, memories of Toronto focus mainly on the G-Men, and the fact that they actually clean up after themselves. Needless to say, they're always welcome back for the after-show party.

But what to do with that big white elephant sitting smack in the middle of the room? These are, after all, 3 girls -and one hilarious dude - in a punk rock band, a promoter's and an interviewer's wet dream because all they have to do to get the ball rolling is to play on gender, ask about how hard it is for chicks to break into the "male-dominated industry that is rock 'n roll", or put all-girl bills together and really hope that the ladies come out in a show of solidarity. You know what you do with that elephant? You shoot it in the fucking face and realize that the Bella Bombs' sound goes past gender into balls-out rocking that any band should be lucky to attain, and that shit doesn't depend on what's going on south of border, but what you've got in your heart. That being said, the Bella Bombs are a group with enough rock in their hearts to bury us all.

Bella Bombs play a New Year's Eve Eve bash on Dec. 30th @ Mavericks w/ Asshole Time, Take One for the Team, Perfect Patient, Nummies, Gun Smoke, The Rookers, 4-stroke and Maximum RnR.

The Bella Bombs new record, Liquid Explosion, drops on Jan. 13th @ Babylon w/ The Shifters.
- Upfont Magazine


Liquid Explosion (Self Released)

I had heard many things said about The Bella Bombs before having seen them in Ottawa a few months ago. All sorts of genres and bands had been named to define them, from pop-punk to a Donnas copy to girly rock, but whatever was said I'd definitely been fed a bunch a bull. This isn't no run of the mill act thrown out prematurely. Long hours of practice and sheer talent have obviously been put in this and you best believe this is some hard, catchy, Punk R'N'R. Well crafted tunes, aggressive non-repetitive beats and last but not least when Honey-Bomb's howling voice hit's the mic, you stand to attention and salute. I recommend picking this CD up for yourself or go see them live as this rocks by any standards. Faves: Doubt, Nobody's There, Not For You, why? & Fake It.

March 2007



The Bella Bombs
Liquid Explosion (Independent)

I've found the second bass line on a local release to shit my pants over. The intro to Just Because You Can on the Bella Bombs' first release, coupled with the punk as fuck lyrics ("Just because you can/ Doesn't mean you should/ Would you fuck your mom/ Even if you could?", make this record one to remember. The vocals capture the intensity of the New Bomb Turks' Eric Davidson, if only with a little more snarl, and the guitars and drum are consistently beefy despite the average speed for each track. Not to say that this is a hardcore punk record. Far from it, the Bombs have dedicated themselves to exhibiting true rock and roll spirit, which shines through on each and every song. Hardly what one expects when thinking of a local band's first recording, the production is also top notch (not surprising when considering Paul "Yogi" Granger and Phil Bova's involvement) as it squeezes every ounce of talent out of these ladies and their Suspect Device. Not bad for a bunch for 21-year olds. :-)

Upfront Magazine
January 2007

- Upfront Magazine


Bella Bombs
Liquid Explosion

Okay, folks, here ya got some kick-ass rock 'n' roll by four sexy girls straight outta Ottawa. Hmmm… actually, one ain't so pretty… hey, wait, that's a guy! More punk than Girlschool, but more rock than the Lunachicks, the Bella Bombs are somewhere in between. Yes, that's a good thing, you numbskulls. Anyway, I'm always inclined to cut pretty girls a break, but in the case of the Liquid Explosion, it's the strength of the songs that had me going back for repeated listens. I'm a sucker for girls who know how to rock, and the Bella Bombs will have ya running for a cold shower. Except for that guy. He won't make you want a cold shower, unless you swing that way or you're a girl.

- Chris Walter
March 2007

- The Nerve Magazine


2005 Make It Last/Super Glue Beauty Queen: Independent EP

2005: Cornwall Underground Vol.4: Independent CD, v/a

2006: Canucks Punk Rock Compilation: Independent CD, v/a

2007 Liquid Explosion: Independent Full Length Release CD



Formed in the summer of 2003, from Canada's capital city of Ottawa are the Bella Bombs [ex members of SpyGirl (Ottawa) the Nags/Snatch Bandits (Montreal/Vancouver) and Hartsfield (Ottawa)]. Three girls and a guy who share the love/hate addiction of Punk Rock n' Roll.

Following the legacy of such bands as: The Avengers, Vice Squad, D.O.A., X, and Girlschool, the Bella Bombs have torn up the stage with their monster volume and hard hitting melodies alongside Detroit's Broadzilla, London England's Mika Bomb, Canada's punk icons the Forgotten Rebels, Propagandhi, BFG, and Random Killing.

On the road the Bella Bombs rock fast, furious and deadly through every city, and town . Recent showcases include S.C.E.N.E Fest, Ottawa's Punkfest, North by North East's Punk and Disorderly Series, Canada Music Week 2006, the Montreal's Women in Punk series, and Ladyfest Ottawa 2003.

Not to be ignored by anyone who comes across their sounds, their independent debut full length release - "Liquid Explosion", has landed them spots on campus charts at CKCU and CHUO Ottawa, and CJSF Burnaby, and have had rave reviews by the likes of Gearhead magazine. the Bella Bombs are now in the process of taking the Canadian punk rock n' roll scene by storm - and soon, the world with them!