The Bellhopz

The Bellhopz


We're a swinging ska band with rock influence. Our music can be enjoyed by all and tends to get the crowd moving. For 4 years we've been mixing powerful and fun horns with furious drums, awesome base lines, smooth guitar parts and infectious lyrics.


The Bellhopz started as a 3 piece band 5 years ago then slowly added horns and eventually a second guitar. Our influences are Reel Big Fish, The Slackers, The Planet Smashers, Goldfinger, Coheed and Cambria, Ill Scarlett, Arcaid Fire. Our up beat music, catchy songs and our energy on stage sets us apart along with the fact that we have horns and are a rocking ska band. We have also had the opportunity to play in the Teen Talent Showcase two years in a row (2005-2006) and played as the opening band for the Sound Of Music last summer, opening for John Lavin and The Philisipher Kings.


Our Cd's have been... The Bellhopz (2003), Meet the Bellhopz (2004) and a single Just About Dressed To The Nines (2006). We are currently in the studio working on We Make Music Not Money which will be out this spring, early summer.

Set List

Another Bottle Down, Friggin' Police, Mike Is A Guitar Fascist, Enough or What?, We Make Music Not Money, Before During and After, My Left Shoe and Needle Drugs, I Don't Feel Like Dancing, Nine Hole Dance Party, Just About Dressed To The Nines. Plus more to come. Approx 45+ min. Covers are usually Reel Big Fish, but some Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Although we don't usually do covers.