The Bellows

The Bellows

 Hopkins, Minnesota, USA

The Bellows is a band based out Minneapolis, MN. Fronted by female vocalist Alyssa Schwitzer, the band's influences include: Bon Iver, The Avett Bros., Adele, Norah Jones, among others. For more information please contact


The Bellows started in June of 2011 as a piano (Kent Goodroad) and female vocal (Alyssa Schwitzer) duet, and has grown into a full band including bass, drums, and lead guitar. With it's roots in Minneapolis, MN, members of The Bellows define "home" in a myriad of different cities including New York, Chicago, Washington DC, among others.

The band's influences include Bon Iver, The Avett Bros., Adele, Norah Jones, Brian Blade, Bonnie Raitt, Elton John, among others.

The Bellows are distinctly unique from other bands within its genre in 2 ways:

1) There is often a lot of intentional space for the lyrics and music in order that each may breath. The band believes space creates opportunity for music to happen, not music taking up space.

2) Alyssa Schwitzer's commanding voice both captivates and demands a listener's attention. With complete control, Alyssa can sing Aretha Franklin one minute, and opera the next.


EP Release : Mid April, 2012

CD Release : Fall 2012