The Bellyachers

The Bellyachers


Audacious and uniquely beautiful rock that defies pigeon-holing and disregards genre... the evolution of indie.


Modern conventions of music labeling do not apply to “200 Lucky Feet Move The Dragon,” the latest offering from the Bellyachers. A complex recording, “200 Lucky Feet” is a place where the nuances of lush orchestral pop rub shoulders with infectious classic rock hooks, where the angular pulse of ‘80s new wave grinds on the dance floor with finely-tuned song craft and where progressive rock canoodles with forget-me-not country shuffles.

The Bellyachers are Sandra Mello (vocals, bass), Brian Mello (vocals, guitar), Melody Baldwin (vocals, guitar), and Peter Craft (drums, recording engineer). In part, their latest work hails from having their own full-fledged recording studio, which they built from the ground up over the course of six sweaty, dusty months. Before the paint was even dry, they settled in to record. An ambitious undertaking, to be sure, but not surprising from a band that has already self-produced two full-length recordings, books and finances its own tours, and designs its own posters, merch, album art and website (a finalist in the SXSW Web Awards).

Sonically, this is a layered yet spacious recording. Produced by the band and engineered by drummer Peter Craft, great swirling soundscapes are conjured in bright cinematic colors that shift from song to song like the blurred visions of a road trip. The vocals are impassioned, the guitars growl and twist, and the drums range from thundering to distant punctuations.“

The topics are as varied as the sound: songs about the randomness of good fortune, religion in politics, crumbling relationships, unquestioning love, the absurdity of the human condition, failed suicide as spiritual breakthrough, traffic fatalities and tedium, and Buddhist meditations on the merits of diving when one falls.

The band's maverick spirit is fueled by equal parts passion and realism, by the keen desire to make good music and the knowledge that waiting around for a label deal is counter-productive. Recording “200 Lucky Feet” in their own studio gave the Bellyachers the freedom to experiment and explore and the breathing room to work when the workin' was good and walk away when it just wasn't happening. The result is a recording that rules out nothing and risks everything, that defies pigeon-holing and defines the Bellyachers on their own terms. Safe to say, they wouldn't have it any other way.


Heaven is Blue

Written By: Mello, Mello

Got new shoes on I’ll go out walking
Let blood pump through misshapened hearts
Ain’t got no point
no arrow through it
but if I did It ‘d B. Blue

My sweet spaceman owns most of heaven
He has a gift on the tip of his tongue
As I unwrap a star exploding
Our shadows cast the face of the moon

Heaven is blue, Heaven is blue

Hey Universe have your way with me
Cause I can’t fight and be at peace
I send a white flag on my arrow
Soars through a sky oh so blue

Heaven is blue, Heaven is blue

My heart is open too scarred to close

Heaven is blue...

Crisis of Faith

Written By: Brian Mello

The look on your face says
You're in over your head
Thinking maybe God should
Have picked someone else instead

The means are justified just like
Every excuse that you make
For your crisis of Faith

Lies fly like bullets
With a force all their own
Blowing holes in bodies and souls
And sending what's left home

You pose like a hero while sending
The poor to fight in your place
For your crisis of faith

The dream was stolen away
While we were sound asleep
Paralyzed by the fear
Leaving us hollow and meek
Suicidal prophecies
Profiting from tragedy
Making the same mistakes
Over and over and over again

It's My Turn

Written By: Sandra Mello

It’s my turn to break down and fall
Fall apart
Been whistlin’ too long and loud
In the dark

Kept the sun up in the sky
My head held super high
All of this trying to get by
Ain’t living

Super-glued and oversized
Fills my mouth and seals my eyes
Just want it to turn off
Wanted to turn off
All this worry long enough
Long enough to get caught up
Then I’d feel better
Then I’d feel better

Kept the sun up in the sky
My head held super high
All of this trying to get by
Ain’t living

Took two steps to get to the third
All the criticism heard
Put blisters on my brain
Blistered my brain
Tried to get every word right
No way to sleep through the fight
Sleep when you die
Sleep when you die

Kept the sun up in the sky
My head held super high
All of this trying to get by
Ain’t living


200 Lucky Feet Move the Dragon [2005]
Heavy in My Hands [2002]
Bottoms Up [2000]

Set List

20th CENTURY BOY (T-Rex cover)