The Beloved

The Beloved


We play alternative rock music and use our talents to bring a good message to our fellow generation. Our sound is similar to a mixture between anberlin, switchfoot, and paramore. It's all of our member's passion to play and perform music and we'd play a show every single night if we could!


Our band name is The Beloved. We have been playing together for about a year now and things have really takin off fast. Our story is kind of funny. Our lead singer Josh Cary had been working on a single acoustic project for about two years. He then met our guitarist Mike Courtney at church, who had played heavy metal his entire life, and asked him if he wanted to do an acoustic project with him. After playing together for a little while, they walked into applebees restaurant one night and their waitress (Samantha Crowe-vocals) overheard them talking about the project and asked them if she could come and sing at one of their practices. They both really dug her sound and kept her on board. Then one of the practice nights, josh and mikes good friend Aaron Bishop who played the drums came to hear them play. Her really liked the sound, so he got out the congos and started playing. They all immediately locked together and made a sweet sound, so they started to play alot of acoustic shows together. Then one night at practice they decided to start writing some harder rock songs with the electric since they had a full band. They then starting getting offers to play all over the place and people kept on nagging at them because they wanted a c.d., so they recoreded their first C.D. called More. Some of their big influences come from bands such as, saosin, anberlin, switchfoot, sleeping atlast, and paramore. Music is the passion of every single member of The Beloved and they would do it 24/7 if they could!



Written By: Josh Cary

Verse 1-
Are we slaves to a world that tells us every thing is meaning
Are we living under lies all these lies that we believe
Are we giving up our hearts to demons dressed like angels
And ignoring cries when hearts when our hearts begin to scream

Theres so much more
More than what we see
Theres so much more
Than what you're told to be
There's more if we believe

Are we giving into darkness when the light is all we need
Are we settling for lies filled with insecurities
Are we letting go of dreams and chassing after these
Things they never satisfy and leave our hearts to please

Storm Is Rising

Written By: Josh Cary

Verse 1-
The storm is rising all around me i lift my eyes and i see you
The darkness hovers coming closer but still your light shines through

You said son i know its hard right now
But its going to be fine
And I am standing here with open arms
Asking wont you come inside

Verse 2-
Lord I just can't see the future i put my trust in you
The future glory won't compare to what im giong through

I wish i could see the future see the future
See what you see
See the future see the future
The glory

Save Me From Myself

Written By: Josh Cary

Verse 1-
Living life is hard to do with all these demons haunting you and telling you that you're not strong
You've done all that you can do but still the enemy pursues on a road that seems so long

So save me
I cant escape this path im on
Release me
Im underlying fears and wrongs

Verse 2-
I tried to stand up to my fears but every time I do i hear youre too weak to carry on
And as i look into the mirror all i see is falling tears and wounds from fights that I have fought


We just finished our first C.D. entitled "More", and this is our only one because we've only been together for a year.

Set List

We typically do an hour to an hour and a half set with all original songs. 1.More 2.Pursuit of Happiness 3.Screaming Inside 4.Storm is Rising 5. Deperate People 6.Save Me From Myself 7.Can't Back Down 8.Stand Tall 9.Hold On 10.